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‚ÄčIDP4U0  Issues in Human Rights

This course explores various issues and violations related to human rights.  The course begins with an examination of what human rights are and what leads humans to violate the rights of others and commit atrocious acts against other humans.  During the first half of the course, students will examine the crime of genocide, with specific focus on the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, the Rwandan Genocide, and the situation going on in Darfur (time allowing, additional examples of genocide may also be explored).  During the second half of the course, students will examine current issues related to human rights (ex. child soldiers, child labour, LGBT rights, human trafficking, euthanasia, etc.).  

Topics: Various genocides and current human rights issues

Prerequisite: Any U or M Grade 11 course in English, Social Science and Humanities or Canadian and World Studies



IDC4U0 Grade 12 Marketing, Photography, Communications Technology and Project Management Yearbook)

This course takes students through the journey of creating an actual yearbook.  Through this hands-on, real life experience, students will planning, creating and selling a product (the yearbook) to the student body.  Specifically, they will learn project management skill, fundamentals of marketing and accounting, photography, Photoshop, computer design layouts, and journalism.  

Prerequisite: None


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