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Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test



Recent Uploads (April 4, 2018):

Lesson 1: OSSLT Lesson 1.pptx OSSLT Lesson 1.pdf

Lesson 2: OSSLT Lesson 2.pptx OSSLT Lesson 2.pdf

Lesson 3: OSSLT Lesson 3.pptx OSSLT Lesson 3.pdf

Lesson 4: OSSLT Lesson 4.pptx OSSLT Lesson 4.pdf


Getting ready guide and tip sheet:

Getting Ready Guide - OSSLT 2018.pdf Tip Sheet 2018.doc




Lesson 1: Making Inferences: It Says, I Say, and So reading strategy


Lesson 1_Reading Skill Instruction_Inferences.pptx


01 It says I say And so_Think Literacy Handout.pdf

02 Miss Murdstone_Think Literacy Handout.pdf

03 Teen's Recycling Handout_OSSLT 2011.pdf




Lesson 2: Strategies for answering multiple choice questions.


Lesson 2_Reading Skill Instruction_Reading Strategies for Multiple Choice Questions.pptx


Animator from Scarborough_OSSLT April 2013.pdf




Lesson 3: Reading Response Questions: Plan and write short responses to a reading using the rubric and graphic organizer.


00 Literacy Lesson 3_Reading Response Tasks.pptx


01 Lizarda_Short Writing Task.pdf

02 Lizarda_Short Writing Task_Rubric.pdf

03 Reading Response Graphic Organizer.pdf

04 Student Respones A B.pdf

05 Reading Response Graphic Organizer_filled in.pdf

06 Teen's Recycling_Reading Response.pdf

07 Teen's Recycling_Rubric.pdf

08 Who ate pasta first_2009.pdf




Lesson 4: On My Own Questions: Plan and write short responses to an "On My Own" question using the rubric and graphic organizer.


00 Literacy Lesson 4_On My Own Short Writing Tasks.pptx


01 On My Own Short Writing Tasks.pdf

02 On my own_Short Writing_Rubric.pdf

03 Transition Words.pdf




Lesson 5: Short Writing Task: The Summary Strategies for helping you find the main idea and supporting details in a reading selection and writing a summary paragraph.


00 Literacy Lesson 5_Writing a Summary Paragraph.pptx



Jelly Beans_Summary.pdf

Summary paragrph_Rubric.pdf

Summary_Graphic Organizer.pdf




Lesson 6: Practice Test: Selected Reading and Writing Tasks from the March 2015 Literacy Test that involve the reading and writing skills you learned in lessons 1 to 5.


00 Literacy Lesson 6_Practice Test.pptx


Ice sculpture_ans page.pdf

Ice sculpture_question page.pdf

Ice sculpture_reading.pdf

Mural_ans page.pdf

Mural_question page.pdf





Lesson 7/8: Writing a News Report


News Report.pptx



OSSLT News Reports and Code 60 Examples

00 Students Achieve 100_sample news report.pdf

01 Car Wash a Success_2010.pdf

01 Car Wash a Success_Code 60 exemplar.pdf

02 School Team Qualifies for Finals_2015.pdf

02 School Team Qualifies for Finals_Code 60 exemplar.pdf

03 Storm Shuts Down Region_2011.pdf

03 Storm Shuts Down Region_Code 60 exemplar.pdf

04 Volunteers help with Community Project_Sample 2013.pdf

04 Volunteers help with Community Project_Code 60 exemplar.pdf

05 Students Participate in Important Election_April 2013.pdf



Supports to help you write the OSSLT

Rough Notes_Prompts.pdf

Rough Notes_Blank.pdf

News Report_Graphic Organizer.pdf

News Report_Self Check.pdf

News Report_Rubric.pdf


A New Course - Rubrics and Exemplars.pdf

Ice Sculpture Rubric and Exemplars.pdf

Montreal Graffti Rubric and Exemplars.pdf



YouTube Links 

"Volunteers Help with Community Project" News Report Think Aloud, Cawthra Park Secondary School

News Report Think Aloud.png 


Writing a News Report, Heart Lake Secondary School




Literacy Lessons on YouTube

Created by Mary Hickey at Cawthra Park SS




Support on the Web

Westmount High School, Hamilton Ontario




OSSLT Reading & Grammar Multiple Choice Questions

Answer the multiple questions online and find out your score.




Grammar Practice

Grammar Bytes.png 



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