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Red Band Jacket Fundraising Campaign

Red Band Jacket Fundraising Campaign

Lorne Park's Parent Council is excited to initiate the

Red Band Jacket Fundraising Campaign

....and  we need your help!

Dear Parents and Families,

Recent fundraising efforts by Parent Council, supported by Lorne Park's administration, have resulted in a variety of important purchases:

  • Portable hydration station for field sport athletes
  • Portable seating riser for the dramatic arts program
  • 3D printer for the technological studies program

This year we are directing our fundraising efforts
in support of the music program!

 The goal of this campaign is to raise enough money to purchase new red band jackets.

We are hoping all Lorne Park families will make a donation to this campaign!

Lorne Park's red band jackets have been an iconic symbol of our school since the 1970's

 They have contributed to our school spirit, branding and image, helping to  create a positive environment for all Lorne Park students.

One of our Grade 11 students summed up the importance
of  these band jackets:
"Lorne Park's red band jackets add a distinctive, unique look and bring a certain liveliness to our music program. They help to differentiate us from other schools. Our red band jackets are truly iconic, and they instill pride, confidence, and a greater sense of community among their wearers."

The current band jackets have been passed down from student to student over decades. They are worn out and in desperate need of replacement.

Each jacket is approximately $200 and we are hoping to raise
$8,000 to replace 40 jackets.

  • All donations of $25 or more will result in a tax receipt
  • All donors of $200 or more will be noted on a plaque in the music room

Donations can be made now through your student's

School Cash Online account OR

Visit https://peelschools.schoolcashonline.com and click

"Get Started Today."

 Select the item "Red Band Jacket Fundraising Campaign"

 Donation/tax receipts will be mailed out before
next year's tax season

We encourage your family to support this initiative and our Lorne Park students.

With sincere appreciation,

Shabana Ullah, Chair, Parent Council
Marija Dokic, Vice-Chair, Parent Council                                     
Craig Caslick, Principal, Lorne Park SS

Student photo
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