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STOPR - Welcome Back!

STOPR - Welcome Back!

Student Transportation of Peel Region


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Phone: 905 890-6000 Fax: 905 890-6033

Information for Peel District School Board Parents Regarding School Bus Transportation

September 2018

Welcome back to another school year!

Please note the following Transportation information.

Eligibility for Transportation is based on distance criteria established by the Peel District School Board. Under the Board’s Policy, students residing within their school’s attendance boundary and living in excess of the following distance criteria from their school are eligible for transportation:

Kindergarten to Grade 1: 1.0 km

Grades 2 to 4: 1.6 km

Grades 5 to 8: 2.0 km

Grades 9 to 12: 3.8 km

Student Transportation of Peel Region (STOPR) is responsible for administering the transportation policy for both the Peel District School Board and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.

STOPR Web Site:

We recommend that you take a moment to review our web site as it is available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at: www.stopr.ca

Our web site is your source for the most up to date transportation information such as bus delays and cancellations as well it can provide you with important information such as "what school do I attend" and "am I eligible for transportation".

In addition, from our web site www.stopr.ca, you can also access important school bus safety information as well as "Transportation Procedures", "Forms", Courtesy Seats" and "frequently asked questions concerning student transportation".

Parents can also access their children’s bus route information and details through the web site by clicking on the "Your Child’s Busing Information" or "Parent/Student Login" tabs located on the main page. You will need your child’s Ontario Educational Number (OEN), home address, school and grade in order to retrieve your child’s bus information from the web site.

Parents can now sign-up to receive automatic e-mail notifications of delays or cancellations for their children’s bus run. Parents can go to www.stopr.ca and click on the "parent/student login" link. Once signed-in, just enter an email address at the prompt and click "subscribe".

Contacting STOPR: Page 2

STOPR operations are divided into 3 defined zones, East, West and Special Needs Transportation. The East and West zones manage all regular home to school busing for all of Peel Region and the dividing line between these zones is generally Kennedy Road.

When calling into our office for school bus information, please make sure that you have your child’s Ontario Educational Number (OEN) available. The OEN number can be found on your child’s report card or is available from your school.

STOPR staff will ask for your child’s OEN to ensure your child’s personal transportation information is secure and is shared only with the appropriate person.

Telephone contact: (905) 890-6000 (East, West and Special Needs Transportation)

Toll free: 1-800-668-1140

Fax: (905) 890-6033

Bus Stop Locations and "Primary Protocol":

Please note that "door to door" or "home bus stop" locations are not generally provided. STOPR establishes bus stops in safe and appropriate locations that can service multiple families and students. Typically these stops are located at intersections or "group" locations that provide an area for all students/parents to wait for their bus away from the roadway.

Please note that Parents/Guardians are responsible for the safe conveyance of their children to and from the bus stop location and it is expected that all transported kindergarten and grade 1 students are always met by a parent/guardian at the end of the day at their bus stop location. There is simply no substitute for an adult’s supervision at the bus stop as this is the most critical moment for student safety. Students in kindergarten and grade 1 must always be met at their bus stop each day under our "Primary Protocol".

For more information on school bus safety and the "Primary Protocol" please contact our office or go onto our web site at www.stopr.ca.

Requests for changes for a Student’s Transportation:

STOPR is responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of approximately 60,000 students each school day. Please note that during school start-up in September, the STOPR office is extremely busy and staff are focused on critical issues such as eligible students requiring transportation, bus overloads and route timing issues.

Requests for a change in a bus stop location will be addressed after school start-up is completed later in September.

On behalf of all the staff at Student Transportation of Peel Region, Welcome Back to Another School Year! We look forward to serving your transportation needs this year.

Thank you

Student Transportation of Peel Region (STOPR)

(905) 890-6000 or 1-800-668-1140


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