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Raksha Bandhan (Hinduism) (Holy Day)
Installation of Holy Scriptures of Guru Granth Sahib (Sikhism) (Holy Day)
Guru Purnima (Jainism) (Holy Day)
Sri Krishna Janmashtami (Hinduism) (NSD – No Scheduling Day)
Farvardegan (SC) (Zoroastrianism) (Holy Day)
Photo Day - Grades 9 & 10
Photo Day - Grades 11 & 12
Paryushan Parva begins (Jainism) (AL - Approved Leave)
First Day of Classes
Gr. 9 Orientation - First Day of School
Rosh Hashanah (Judaism) (NSD – No Scheduling Day)
Ganesh/Vinayak Chauth (Hinduism) (NSD – No Scheduling Day)
Samvatsari/Paryushan Parva ends/Daslakshan Parva begins (Jainism)(NSD - No Scheduling Day)
Nayrouz(J) (Christianity) (AL - Approved Leave)
New Year (Hijra) (Islam) (Holy day)
Early Release Day
Yom Kippur (Judaism) (NSD – No Scheduling Day)
Ashura (Islam) (Holy Day) (NSD – No Scheduling Day)
Harvestide/Fall Equinox (Wicca) (NSD – No Scheduling Day)
Powley Day (Aboriginal Spirituality) (Holy Day)
Anant Chaturdashi (Hinduism) (Holy day)
Sukkot (Judaism) (AL - Approved Leave)
Anant Chaturdashi (Jainism) (Holy day)
Kshamavani/Daslakshan Parva ends (Jainism) (NSD - No Scheduling Day)
Sukkot (Judaism) (AL - Approved Leave)
Simchat Torah (Judaism) (AL - Approved Leave)
06:30 PM
Grade 9 Parent/Guardian Information Night
P.L. Day - no classes
Holy Days
School Events


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