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Regional Arts (RAP)
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RAP Parent Info Night Oct 26, 2016 presentation


We offer a package of specialized courses to artistically talented students interested in Dance, Drama, Music or Visual Arts.  In addition to the arts program, students study required and optional academic courses to earn their secondary school diploma.  An audition to determine the appropriateness of this program for each student is held in January for admission to the following September.  A student chooses only one of the four arts in which to audition:  Dance, Drama, Music or Visual Arts.  Admissions decisions are based on the candidate's talent in her/his chosen art, potential, overall school performance and the student's ability to benefit fully from the program.


A yearly upgrade charge is required to cover "Artist in the Classroom", in-house concerts and performances, workshops, master classes, group clinics, professional artists, exhibitions, accompanists for Dance and Music classes, and many more.  Other material or field trip fees might apply for some courses.


Probation Policy

As in all situations, students who are having difficulty with the program will be identified by teachers.  Communication with parents/guardians is on-going and support will be recommended.  The student's progress will also be reviewed at each reporting cycle.  Students may be discussed at the In School Review Committee for additional support.


At any time, and in consultation with the teachers, counsellor and support staff, the Vice Principal may put a student on probation for the following semester.  The Vice-Principal will review next steps and expectations with the parents and their teen at the start of the probationary period.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are application packages available?Available on-line starting Nov 9, 2016 on Mayfield Regional Arts Tab.
When is the Open House and Information Night?Oct 26, 2016 @ 7:00 p.m.
Who can apply?Students who meet the criteria for acceptance to the Mayfield program, who live in Brampton or Caledon will be offered spots first.  Students who meet the program criteria and who live outside of the Peel Region will be offered spots once local students have been accommodated.  In some cases, all spots may be offered to students who live in Peel.
When is the on-line application due?November 25 @ 4 p.m. 
How much is the audition fee?$40.00
Can I mail or fax in the application form?

All applications must be submitted on-line.

Do not fax or mail applications

When will auditions be held?

Thursday January 26th, Friday January 27th & Monday January 30th

What if the school buses are cancelled or the school is closed?

Snow day for auditions will be held on

Tuesday January 31st

How will we know if the school buses are cancelled or the school is closed?

You should check with one of the following: 

~ Radio and Television stations
~ Student Transportation website (
~ Peel School Board website (
~ Mayfield website (
~ Twitter @PeelSchools

When we will find out the results from the student's audition?Monday February 6th
When do we need to accept your offer?Thursday February 9th, at 4:00 p.m.
When are second round offers sent?Friday February 10th at 4:00p.m.
What is the Annual Program Fee for in-coming grade nine students.$200.00
Contact Email is



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