Regional Arts (RAP)
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2019/2020 Visual Arts Events 



Visual Arts Night - May 22, 2020




Course Info: 

We are off to a great start this semester.  The first month consisted of students working on observational drawings in many of the classes.  Below is a brief overview of what is happening in each course.


. 9 Open

Students are currently working on one point perspective drawings.


Gr. 9 RAP

Wendy Mitchell-Burke will be in to work with our grade nines creating medallions out of clay.

The theme is Canada 150th.  Medallions will be handed out to RAP graduates at this year's Rap Graduation. 


Gr. 10 Open

Students are studying and making 3D forms out of clay.


Gr. 10 RAP

Students will be heading out to see the Guillermo del Toro show at the AGO.


Gr. 11 Open

Students are working on submissions for the Marion Drysdale Awards.


Gr. 11 Media

Students are working on videos about student life at Mayfield.


Gr. 11 RAP

Arrangements are being made for the class to work with a special project guest artist.


Gr. 12 Photography

Students recently went on a field trip to Toronto and are currently studying different lighting effects.


Gr. 12 RAP

Students are completing a series of figure drawings of model Shel Goldstein under the artistic direction of guest artist Candace Slack.




Gr. 11 RAP students from Semester 1 of 2016 created a series of glass tiles pertaining to the theme of evolution and growth.  They worked in conjunction with glass artist Bridget Wilson. 


The installation was conceptually created and installed by the students for the RAP Office.


              Wall 1 and 2.jpg

               Detail of the final installation.     

               Wall LongShot.jpg

                Final installation ​




Department wide dates are listed below:

Spring VA Show in the Community - TBA

OSSTF Marion Drysdale Awards - TBA

Dufferin County Museum and Archives Show - TBA

VA Department artwork at the CBO - April 9-13, 2018

Visual Arts Night - May 24, 2018

Walk the Art - TBA


Grade level art shows in the community


Sem. 1 Grade 11 RAP - Alton Mill - February 6-12, 2018

Sem. 2 Grade 12 RAP - Alton Mill - April 24 - May 7, 2018

Sem. 2 Grade 12 RAP - Alton Mill - June 5-11, 2018



VAC is up and running four days a week after school.  Students, please check the bulletin board outside the VA office for detailed info.




Student photo
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