Regional Arts (RAP)
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Gr. 9 RAP - Wendy Mitchell-Burke

Ms. Burnett's and Ms. Smitka's Grade 9 RAP classes worked with guest potter and local artist Wendy Mitchell-Burke creating beautiful clay pottery on the pottery wheels. Bowl and vase designs were based on student family histories and heritages. Students will glaze their pottery semester 2.



Gr. 11 RAP – Bridget Wilson

Ms. Smitka's grade 11 RAP classes worked with local glass artist Bridget Wilson on creating glass tiles. Below are examples of the process work. The tiles are currently being fired and will then be installed as a permanent design installation for the RAP office for all school community members to enjoy.



Gr. 12 RAP – Candace Slack

Ms. Burnett's grade 12 RAP classes completed a series of figure drawings of model Shel Goldstein under the artist direction of guest artist Candace Slack.


Semester 2 Upcoming:

Gr. 9 RAP – CJ Shelton

Illustrator and Alton Mill artist CJ Shelton will be working with Ms. Burnett's grade 9 RAP students to create stunning watercolour paintings of live raptors. We are fortunate to have Kingsport Environmental bring in three live birds of prey on April 14th and 16th. Eddie, the great horned owl, Lady, a snowy owl, and Rex, a red tailed hawk will be coming into Mayfield with their handlers. Grade 9 RAP students will be drawing the birds from life and then working the drawings up into a finished watercolour piece with the assistance and guidance of CJ. She will be working with our student in February and early March. The resulting paintings will be displayed at the Falls Gallery in the Alton Mill at the end of April.




Albion/Bolton Library Art Show

Our annual Albion/Bolton Library Art Show was on display from December until January with over 100 students (gr. 9-12 open and RAP) submitting artworks to the show. We would like to thank the Albion/Bolton Library for hosting us once again. A special thank you to Mrs. Radford, one of our VA Parent Council members for helping to organize the show and to all the parents who provided food for the opening reception as well as  transported all the art work. A special thank you to Principal Kardash for attending the opening reception.


Peel District School Board, CBO

Ms. Smitka's grade 11 RAP students had their My Idol paintings on display at the Peel District School Boards central office for two weeks. Subject matter was based on idols/icons our students were inspired by. Paintings were mixed media and included text transfers.



Alton Mill Arts Centre and the Ontario College of Teachers

Ms. Smitka's gr. 11 RAP students had a group show of their Animal Within Me paintings at the Alton Mill in early January. Subject matter was based on the connection between  humans and animals in the natural world. A special thank you to Trustee Stan Cameron, VP Seravalle and Principal Kardash for attending the opening reception. Prints from these artworks are on display at the Ontario College of Teachers during February and March 2017.


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Upcoming Art Shows:


* Check the bulletin board outside the art office for more info. on events/shows.


Rainbarrels design and creation – check criteria and submission information on the bulletin board outside the art office under the Art Shows heading. Due dates are soon.


Caledon Concert Band artwork creation  – check criteria and submission information on the bulletin board outside the art office under the Art Shows heading. Due dates are soon.


Muskoka Chair Competition  – check criteria and submission information on the bulletin board outside the art office under the Art Shows heading. Due dates are soon.


Gr. 12 Photography and Open Art

Ms. Theo and Ms. Smitka are currently working towards a collaborative art show featuring artworks by Ms. Theo's grade 12 Photography students and Ms. Smitka's grade 12 open art students. Details TBA.


Gr. 12 RAP Students

            Alton Mill - June 6-11, 2017


Gr. 12 Film and Video

Many grade 12 students who just completed the semester 1 Film and Video class will be taking their finished works to the next level by entering local film festival competitions including; The Caledon Young Reels film Festival in March, the Peel Student Film Festival in May and our very own Mayfield Film Festival coming this spring. Best of luck to all students entering the competitions.



Walk the Art

            Peel Art Gallery and Museum Archives – June 15, 2017


Dufferin County and Museum Archives






Our VA student council ran their first Holiday Bazaar this year. The bazaar ran for three days before the Christmas holidays with students selling handmade stockings, art prints, baked goods and so much more. They raised a total of $531.35 with 100% of the proceeds going to Sick Kids Hospital for the Christmas h​olidays. Well done students! Follow the student art council on Twitter @MayfieldVAC.


2017-18 Visual Arts Student Executive Council Application:
click here for the application form





First meeting is Sept. 25, 2017 at 6pm in rm. 37.



Greece and Italy:

The Visual Arts Department in conjunction with the Technology Department will be heading to Greece and Italy from May 12-21, 2017 to enjoy the sites and sounds these countries have to offer.





We had a total of 116 applicants apply to Mayfield for visual arts. Auditions ran for three full days. A special thank you to our guest adjudicators Ina MacIntosh, Janine Minor and Candace Slack, to our student helpers Elena S., Taylor C., Lara H., Sarah M., Curtis B., Learah H., Chloe G., India S., Supriya B., Anmol C., Meaghan M., Fatima R., Tai N., Alisen M., Gurleen D., Ranmeet D., Julia Z., Catherine Z., Shivangi G., Rayven R. Finally, thank you to all visual arts teachers for all their hard work and dedication to the Visual Arts Department.

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