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​​shutterstock_318660911.jpgStarting September 2016, grade 9 students at Meadowvale Secondary School will have the opportunity to participate in unique learning. Students can focus on an area of interest as they build self-confidence, learn essential skills, and develop a sense of belonging in school and in the community.

Our EHS business program

Focused Learning Activities allow students to connect classroom learning to career goals. At Meadowvale, students will participate in:

  • examining global economic trends through linear relations in grade 9 Mathematics
  • global market (real estate) investigation in grade 10 Careers Studies
  • myBlueprint to create Individual Pathway Plans to establish short-​ and long-term future goals that support their future

Learning Skills ​

Students at Meadowvale will focus on the development of specific learning skills: organization and responsibility.


These skills are relevant to business as they emphasize the ability to establish objectives, develop a method to achieve set objectives and, in the end, help to achieve goals. Skills development in these areas is important as students in their junior years of secondary school need to become comfortable and confident in their ability to stay organized and take responsibility for their learning, as they choose pathways that are​ best suited to them in finding success in this industry.

Experiential Learning and Certifications

To prepare for learning and working in the sector, students participate in:

  • 20 hours of sector-related community involvement that count towards their 40-hour high school diploma requirement
  • experiential learning activities supported by business, community and industry partners may include (e.g. Take Our Kids to Work Day and visits to local high-profile businesses)
  • a sector-recognized certification program in leadership through the YMCA, which is provided to support students as they prepare for future training and the workplace

Upon completion of the program, at the end of grade 10, students who have fulfilled all the requirements of the program will receive the EHS certificate and are able to continue onto the SHSM program.


For more information, contact Meadowvale Secondary School at 905-824-1790. To apply for this program, contact your grade 8 guidance counsellor or teacher.


Students can apply during the course selection period, available from November 9 to 25, 2016.




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