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The Drama Program


The drama program at Meadowvale encourages the development of 21st Century skills: creative and critical thinking, communication, and leadership.  Drama develops confidence; global awareness; empathy and respect for others; and an appreciation of the arts.  Students will work with technology, build cultural connections and collaborate with others.  Graduates will be flexable, creative, confident, and articulate performing members of society.


In the grade 9 drama program, students explore drama conventions such as tableau, monologue, mime, thought tracking, stage combat, improvisation, scene study, lighting, sound and set.  The year starts with orientation and team building activities to help students build confidence and develop their understanding of theatre.  This is a practical hands on course with students working together on various performance and presentation projects.


In grade 10, students continue to deveop and build on thoes foundational skills learned in grade 9.  Students learn the rules of improvisation and are givent the opportunity to test them out onstage.  Stereotypes and media are explored and scene and monologue work becomes more advanced with students performing published pieces before classmates.  The themes of Shakespeare are studied with students developing a modern scene exploring a universal theme of their choice.  The final exam is a performance piece written collectively by their group.


The grade 11 program pushes students creatively through movement, sound, and acting.  Students learn how to direct peers in published pieces and how to perform in various acting styles such as melodrama, clown, and realism.  Original characters are created by students which then develop into monologues to be performed.  The final culminating unit is a performance piece exploring a global theme.


Our final year in drama builds on all previous years with students exploring, creating and performing dramatic works.  Students study tragedy, Canadian drama, and theatre of the absurd.  Leadership is a focus this year as student study the grade 8 drama curriculum in order to develop lessons that they will then deliver to our feeder schools.  The final project is a collective creation performed to an evening audience.


Drama Activities


Arts Showcases

Two nights of dance, drama, music, media and visual art

November & May


Drama Council

Students run various drama festivals and events such as gr. 8 parents' night

Ongoing throughout the year



New York City, England

Theatre in Toronto

Stratford Festival


Peel Studentwrights Drama Festival

Student written directed plays

Hosted at Meadowvale S.S.



Production Opportunities

Students run lights and sounds, design sets and posters, and stage manage varous productions.

Ongoing throughout the year


Sears Ontario Drama Festival

Student written-directed play

Two nights hosted at Meadowvale S.S.



School Production

A published play directed by teachers



Writers' Circle

Weekly lunch meetings to help develop playwriting skills

Ongoing throughout the year

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