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Visual Arts

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The Visual Arts Program at Meadowvale is designed to be a place where students can develop their love of the arts, their talents, skills and critical thinking. Students are offered the chance to explore a wide variety of choices of both materials and experiences for both the beginner and dabbler and the student that wants to pursue a career in the field of the arts.


The grade 9 course is an Open level course developed with the intent of exposing the student to the world of possibilities in visual arts. Students will explore drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking as well as exploring some art history along with new technology and media. Students will try their hands at a variety of methods in order to gain a better understanding of materials, processes and themselves. Students explore Paleolithic and Egyptian art history and the artwork of Norval Morrisseau. They hone their drawing skills with pencil, pen, proper contour and shading, colour theory and beginner acrylic techniques as well as clay and printmaking.


The grade 10 course is also an open level course but is not restricted to the beginner. It continues the work begun in the grade nine course by building on learned skills while still exploring enough new learning skills for those at an entry level into the visual arts program. Students study the Gothic and Renaissance art history and explore mixed media work, printmaking, sculpture, scratchboard and acrylic painting.


The grade eleven course is an M level course designed for the University or College bound student. Students can begin to build a portfolio if they wish and delve deeper into materials that they have used previously while exploring new ways to apply them. Students continue to build on their art history knowledge by exploring the Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, Romantic and Realists. Students gain a deeper understanding of art methods and practices through the application of acrylics, inks, pastels, along with a variety of chosen media. Another course available to grade 11 visual arts students is an open level sculpture class. This course is designed for students at the senior level that have not yet taken an art course but would like to or that would like to add to their exploration of sculpture. Students explore different methods of both the three dimensional and two dimensional sculptural form using a variety of materials. Sculpture projects may include paper, clay, wood, plaster, foam, wire and mixed media. Students also explore art history by examining a variety of sculptors from the beginning of history to the 20thCentury.


The grade 12 course is an M level visual arts course designed for the University or College bound student. It is a culmination of the knowledge that students have both learned and practiced over the four years . Students use critical thinking and analysis to apply those skills to new projects through application, communication and discussion between student and teacher and classmates in a community style environment. Students continue to build a portfolio and to develop their ideas in a broader sense by looking at different styles and time periods of artworks. Art history is discussed as a group throughout the year beginning with the Renaissance to the 21st century and how art impacts history and the people of the time and throughout time. Students continue to develop their painting, drawing and sculpture skills and culminate their years at Meadowvale with a large group Mural.


Many students from Meadowvale have used the visual arts courses as a way to prepare for Fine arts at the University of Toronto, OCAD, York, also design, Ryerson for film and fashion, Sheridan College for Art fundamentals, Fashion Arts, Animation, Some students have referred to their visual arts for culinary arts and Architecture. The visual arts program offers students ways to think critically to communicate, analyze, and think in unique and various ways that allow them to think outside the box that is not just for the arts student but for all students.

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