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Arrival Instructions

Grads must arrive by 1:00 pm to be staged for the procession.

Ceremonies commence Tuesday, June 28, 2016 – 1:30 pm



The Living Arts Centre

Hammerson Hall

4141 Living Arts Drive

Mississauga, ON



Those who achieve their OSSD during the 2015/2016 school year.  If you have taken an I.L.C., night school or private school course you must inform guidance in order to make sure credit has been received, your diploma is granted and you are invited to Commencement.



You are allowed to invite two guests to the ceremony.  Seating is limited.  The doors open for guests at 1:00 pm and there is no reserved seating.  Your guests must have their tickets.  If you require more tickets there are limited extras available.  To receive extra tickets call the school at 905-824-1790 after you receive your initial invitation for availability.



These will be mailed to your home address by late May 2016 and each invitation will include your two passes for your guests.  If you have not received your invitation by June 3, please contact the school.



Graduates will be provided with gowns and caps when they arrive in the staging room.  Most students choose to dress up for the occasion to recognize the importance of graduation to themselves and their parents.


Scholarships and Awards

If you accept a Scholarship or Award from outside the school, we would like to announce this at the ceremonies.  Please forward to the school a copy of the letter you received from the institution with your signature giving us permission to announce the award.




Please be sure to check the school website for updated information.




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