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Large Group Activities PAL2OM / PAL3OV


Large Group Activities is offered at the Grade 10 and Grade 11 Open level. 


The grade 10 and 11 courses emphasize participation in large group/team activities that promote lifelong healthy active living and team dynamics. At the grade 10 level, equal portions of the course will focus on the development of skills and strategies for the following team sports:  basketball, floor hockey, soccer and flag football. At the grade 11 level, the course will focus specifically on the development of skills and strategies through the sport of volleyball. In both courses students will participate in weekly sport specific fitness training sessions to improve their overall sports performance.


At the grade 10 level students will also study the various health topics, including: healthy eating as it relates to sport and performance, drug use and performance, conflict resolution and social skills in making personal choices. At the grade 11 level students will also explore issues related to stress within the context of team sports, sport psychology and developing an appreciation of officiating. Throughout both courses, there will be opportunities for optional course enhancements for each sport.


Fitness Focus Courses PAF2OF, PAF3OF/M, PAF4O0


Fitness based courses are offered at the open level in grade 10 (female only), grade 11 and grade 12 (co-ed). They are designed for students who are interested in improving and maintaining their fitness level. The focus will be on strength development and cardio-respiratory endurance. Students who choose to enroll in these courses require the self motivation and self discipline to maintain a consistent and committed effort throughout the semester. Students who are committed to the program will experience improvements in self-esteem, self confidence, and personal fitness.


The health components of these courses focus on a variety of fitness training principles, anatomy and physiology as it relates to muscular development. Sport nutrition and healthy eating are also discussed each year. Students will set personal goals which will be measured through regular fitness assessments.  Students will be expected to regularly participate in outdoor cardio-respiratory activities throughout the semester.


Supplementary activities which enhance and add variety to the students' overall experience may include but are not limited to: rock climbing, yoga, self defence, Brazilian Jujitsu, trip to a fitness facility, dance/aerobic instructors, hiking, and fitness leadership experiences at an elementary school.


Exercise Science (PSE 4U0/R)


The Exercise Science course at North Park explores a wide variety of concepts related to sport and physical activity. The course uses current topics from the world of sport and performance in order to learn and explore the requirements of the curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills during discussions and labs that encourage students to apply what they've learned and combine it with their own creative ideas. 


Students will learn human anatomy and physiology, the effects of physical activity on health and performance, the evolution of physical activity and sports and factors that influence an individual's participation in physical activity. The course prepares students for university programs in physical education, kinesiology, science, pre-medicine, recreation and sports administration.

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