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The North Park English Department is intellectually curious, innovative and progressive in its approach to teaching language skills, communication fundamentals, and foundational literacy.  The objective of the English program at North Park is to provide students with a wide variety of experiences with both traditional and non-traditional text forms. This is a plan designed to improve reading proficiency, writing effectiveness, speaking precision and critical thinking.  Students are thereby supported towards a wide variety of post-secondary pathways and endowed with skill sets to be conscientious 21st century citizens of the world.


Our teachers are:

Ms. Botic

Ms. Grant

Ms. Kurz

Ms. Lee

Mr. Luchak

Mr. Luttrell-Anderson

Mr. Mannello

Ms. McKoy

Mr. Panwar

Ms. Prashad

Mr. Ross

Ms. Sharma

Mr. Telizyn


In addition to all courses and credits compulsory to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.), the English Department at North Park also offers elective course credits that lead to a wide range of professional pathways such as:


Media Studies: Decoding Comicbooks, Movies, Video Games, Advertising and Pop Culture.

Literature Studies: Classical Texts, Famous Authors and Landmark Works of Fiction.

Writer's Craft: How To Read Better, Write Better and Think Better.


Please speak to your English Department teachers to discuss your pathway to success.


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