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"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."                                                                                      --Albert Einstein



Math Department Members


Ms. A. BlazinaMrs. K. HoltomMr. T. Tse
Mr. D. BudhramMr. J. ImberMs C. Redmond
Ms. P. CollinsMs A. JamesMs C. Vander Eyken
Mr. T. FannonMs H. Lye
Mr. B. Gatehouse​Ms. E. Malltezi​
Ms K. Hlavnicka​Ms J Toor​


Important Dates:


November 20, 2014: Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contest (Gr.9-12)

December 2014: Math Trail Field Trip in Toronto

February 24, 2015: Pascal (Gr.9), Cayley (Gr.10), and Fermat (G. 11)

April 8, 2015: Canadian Team Mathematics Contest (Gr.9-12)

April 15, 2015: Euclid (Gr. 12)

April 16, 2015: Fryer (Gr.9), Galois (Gr.10), and Hypatia (Gr.11)

May 2015: Grade 12 Field Trip: Math at Canada's Wonderland


Special Programs:


Counting on You:                                                                                               

Lead Teacher: Ms. E. Malltezi

This extra help program runs every Tuesday and Thursday after school.  It is supervised by teachers and senior students. Any grade 9, 10 , or 11 student can benefit from this program by receiving extra help and assistance in completing their homework.


Lunch Tutorials:

Runs on daily basis during period 3 and 4 in rooms 209 and 212.


Math Club:                                                                                       

Lead Teachers: Mr.Imber & Ms.Hlavnicka

The main focus of the club is to coach students to do well on their upcoming math contests.




Assessment and Evaluation Rubric:

Attached Rubric is being used in all math courses to evaluate students' work in Thinking and Communication Categories.




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