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Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity.” – T. Minchin


The North Park science program works to promote curiosity about our society and world. We aim to improve student scientific literacy and understanding;  to create global citizens capable of evaluating the information, claims, problems and products they are exposed to now and as they move forward in their lives. Our goal is to enable students to make positive choices that are personally, socially and globally sustainable.


The science department strives to improve our students’ ability to ask questions and evaluate outcomes in a systematic way to achieve confidence in their own choices and decisions that are beneficial to their lives. At the same time we emphasize social and environmental responsibility; promoting innovative, creative and positive future leadership and role modelling.


We don’t expect all of our students to pursue science as a career rather for all we aim to demonstrate that science is an enriching part of our daily lives.



 “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” – A. Einstein


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