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Clubs and More


Club Name:   Abstract Singers

Contact Info: Ms Lee


Club Name:  Aerospace

Contact Info:  Mr. Brown


Club Name:  Announcement Team

Contact Info:  Ms N. Cooper


Club Name:  Art/Anime & Cartooning

Contact Info:  Mr. Paradiso

Meeting Times: Wednesday after School


Club Name:  Arts Council

Contact Info:  Ms Blackwood and Ms. N. Cooper


Club Name:  Athletic Council

Contact Info:  Mr. Ritchie


Club Name:  Beyond 40

Contact Info:  Ms Pepper


Club Name:  Black Diamond Club

Contact Info:  Ms McKoy

Meeting Times:  Wednesday after school


Club Name:  Breakdance

Contact Info:  Ms Blackwood


Club Name:  Computer Science and Aerospace

Contact Info:  Mr. Brown

Meeting Times:  Tuesday


Club Name:  Concert Band

Contact Info:  Ms Lee


Club Name:  Counting on You (COY)

Contact Info:  Ms Malltezi

Meeting Times:  Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45 - 4:15


Club Name:  Dance Team

Contact Info:  Ms Luttrell-Anderson, Ms. McKay

Meeting Times:  Thursday after school


Club Name: The Debate Club

Contact Info: Mr. Luchak


Club Name:  DECA

Contact Info:  Ms Fiocco, Mr. Scorcia, Ms. McKay


Club Name:  Eco

Contact Info:  Mr. Wang, Mr. Gatehouse

Meeting Times:  Wednesday - bi-weekly


Club Name:  Food Revolution

Contact Info:  Ms Levis


Club Name:  Global Ideas

Contact Info:  Mr. Brown


Club Name:  GO Club (Get Outside Club)

Contact Info:  Ms Stoneman, Mr. Rabadia


Club Name:  GSA

Contact Info:  Ms. Kurz


Club Name:  IBT Council

Contact Info:  Ms Sukhija


Club Name:  Investment Club

Contact Info:  Ms Holtom, Ms Blazina

Meeting Times:  Monday during lunch


Club Name:  Mock Trial Team

Contact Info:  Ms Johnston


Club Name:  Model UN

Contact Info:  Ms Bourgon


Club Name:  Page Turners

Contact Info:  Ms Luttrell-Anderson

Meeting Times:  every other Monday


Club Name:  Photography

Contact Info:  Mr. Brown

Meeting Times:  Thursday


Club Name:  Prom Committee

Contact Info:  Ms Hirsch, Ms. Pepper


Club Name:  Robotics

Contact Info:  Mr. Angelkovski, Mr. Rustja, Mr. Brown

Meeting Times:  After school Tues - Fri


Club Name:  Student Activity Council (SAC)

Contact Info:  Ms Skiba

Meeting Times:  Tuesday after school


Club Name:  Science

Contact Info:  Mr. Rabadia, Ms. Kaur

Meeting Times:  Meetings - 2nd and 4th Monday of each month


Club Name:  Sikh Student Association

Contact Info:  Ms Kaur, Ms Jando, Mr. Fannon, Mr. Sharma

Meeting Times:  Thursday at lunch


Club Name:  Social Justice

Contact Info:  Mr. Brown

Meeting Times:  Friday


Club Name:  Stage Crew

Contact Info:  Ms. Blackwood


Club Name:  Zonta

Contact Info:  Ms Pebesma, Ms Dorantes

Meeting Times:  Thursday after school


Club Name:  Zumba Dance Fitness

Contact Info:  Ms Hirsch, Ms Dorantes

Meeting Times:  Monday after school




School clubs and other extracurricular activities are an integral part of many students’ high school experience. They provide a chance for students to develop leadership and teamwork skills while pursuing an interest that may lead to a career or lifelong hobby.

Positive participation in activities also increases students' involvement in their school. As well, extracurricular activities are considered an asset on post-secondary school applications by showing additional positive attributes of an applicant that might not be reflected in grades alone.

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