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Our Mission


In our programs, we provide learning opportunities and settings for students in Grades 7 to 12 who require an alternative environment. We facilitate the academic, social and emotional development of each student. We provide a safe, caring environment which fosters respect, responsibility, individuality, diversity and creativity. We teach students the skills required to be life-long learners, contributing members of the community and successful in school.




In our programs we will provide individual educational opportunities in a variety of settings. Our small, flexible and positive environments support a diverse group of students in the development of life-long learning skills as they prepare for a successful future. Our staff models life-long learning, has expertise in differentiated instruction, and works cooperatively with parents and the community to support student learning.




To realize our mission and vision, we value:

  • a holistic approach to education
  •  the individual needs and learning styles of students
  •  a respectful, safe, caring and inclusive learning community
  •  high expectations for all staff and students
  •  open and honest communication and co-operation among all members of the school  


  •  partnerships with parents, community agencies and organizations


Caring , Adaptability and  Teamwork


Collective Commitments


The staff commit to the following:

  • open and regular communication and collaboration among staff, students, parents and community
  • respecting and responding to the individual needs and learning styles of students through flexible program design and differentiated instruction
  • consistently maintaining fair, appropriate and challenging expectations and accountability that promote independence and responsibility for learning
  • providing academic, life and career counselling in order to facilitate planning for success
  • developing the opportunity for students to learn more in the community through co-operative education, work-experience, service learning and project based learning
  • engaging in on-going professional development and implementing it in the classroom



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