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Cultural Arts and Design Certificate Program (CADC)

This CADC program is offered at Peel Alternative School North. This program runs two days a week, and the students work towards four credits per semester. 


This program involves blended learning, project-based assessment, community workshops, and career and post-secondary exploration.


The main focus of the program is split between two semesters as follows:


Semester 1: Digital Media and Communication

provides focused study in media communications and digital design. Students are introduced to post-secondary opportunities, work with community organizations, and develop communication, design, media and technology skills. Students also earn certificates for the workplace and post-secondary application.



See and print the program flyer for Semester 1 here.


Semester 2: Filmmaking and Performance

provides focused study in filmmaking and performance. Students work with community organizations, develop communication skills, plan events, produce media, and performance, and are introduced to post-secondary opportunities. Students may also earn certificates for the workplace and post-secondary application.



See and print the program flyer for Semester 2 here.





CADC Nov CBC (2).JPGSemester 1:


Communication, Marketing, Television and Film, Journalism and Broadcast, Information Technology, Game Development, Media Arts, Web Design, Multi-Media, Internet Business, etc.


Semester 2:


 Performance, Communication, Television and Film, Journalism and Broadcast, Media Arts, etc.





Each semester of the program offers an ENG3C, ENG4C, or EBT4O credit that has most of the course content aligned with the program focus.


 Semester 1:

  • ENG3C/4C or EBT4O English and/or Business Communication
  • BTA3O/BTX4C Information and Communication Technology
  • EMS3O Media Studies
  • GLD2O Discovering the Workplace

Semester 2:

  • ENG3C/4C or EBT4O English and/or Business Communication
  • GPP3O Leadership
  • AEA4O Theatrical Performance & Production
  • HSP3M Into to Anthropology,  Psychology, and Sociology




2013 Rose Midsummers 119.jpgClasses run Mondays and Tuesdays 9-12 and 1-3. Optional lab time is available Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


See an example of the timetable here for Semester 1 and Semester 2.





Community partners, project focus, contest participation, and destinations can include:




Students who successfully achieve a 70% cummulative average in their courses, as well as participating in 40 hours of community run workshops, completion of a film, performance or web site will receive a certificate.


Students who participate in the Brampton Rose Theatre's Shake it Up! Student Shakespeare Festival will receive a certificate from the City of Brampton.



Our students have gone on to post-secondary studies in the following:

Contact guidance at Peel Alternative North for more information at 905-455-1225.

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