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The Food for Thought Program


Life Program BBQ 2011 (10).JPGThe Food for Thought program at PAS North cultivates life skills related to food, nutrition and health. Students will develop English and Math skills in a practical, hands-on setting as they explore the process of getting food from the farm to the table.


Skill development includes:

  • Safe food and kitchen equipment handling
  • Following recipes
  • Problem solving through understanding measurement, proportional reasoning involving rates, ratios and fractions
  • Money sense
  • Understanding narrative, graphic and informational texts
  • Writing summaries, informational paragraphs, series of opinion paragraphs and news reports


Life Program BBQ 2011 (12).JPGCourses:


Students can enrol in 4 credits per semester:

  • HFL 3E/4E Food and Nutrition 
  • OLC40 Literacy Course
  • an essential math credit (various options)
  • an essential science credit (various options)


Speak to guidance for more information at 905-455-1225.

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