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Foundations Program


The Foundations Program is for Peel District School Board students in at least their third year of high school who have not successfully completed grades 9 and 10. These students are considered "at risk" of dropping out of school.


The program offers continuous intake and the opportunity for students to:

  • achieve one to three courses per semester depending on the date of admission. Each course is scheduled for two hours a week
  • obtain tutorial support to supplement his/her scheduled classes
  • work independently
  • complete courses that comply with the Ministry of Education curriculum
  • obtain individualized attention and assistance
  • enrol in credit recovery in which the student has achieved 35% in grade 9 and 10 core subjects
  • begin or continue the required 40 hours of Community Involvement in their first year in the Foundations Program

The Foundations Program is open to students who:

• are enrolled in a Peel board secondary school. Students new to the Peel board are expected to attend one semester at their home school prior to referral.

• are currently enrolled in at least the third year of high school

• require grade 9 or 10 credits

• have average to above average academic ability

• have the ability to work independently

• require a flexible schedule


Admission Process

Students must be referred to the Foundations Program through their home schools. Contact your home school for more information.




Peel Alternative School North

315 Bartley Bull Parkway, Brampton



Peel Alternative School South

1500 Ogden Ave., Mississauga


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