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Mature Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Program (mPLAR)


Mature Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (mPLAR) is an assessment process which allows adolescents age 18 and over to obtain grade 9 and 10 equivalency credits, in preparation for grades 11 and 12. Students will be registered in a GLS (General Learning Strategies) credit to develop valuable learning skills which will support mPLAR study and future academic learning in Grade 11 and 12 courses.


The GLS course will also assist students in making transitions to post-secondary education and the work force. Students will have the opportunity, with the help of the teacher, to work through the mPLAR curriculum in English, math, science and social science as required to complete Grade 9 and 10 diploma requirements.


Admission requirements

Students at PAS who meet the following criteria:

  • are 17.5 + and who do not have all 16 Grade 9 and 10 credits, and who are missing credits in English, math, science and social science
  • have not been enrolled in a regular day school for a period of one year
  • will be 18 or older when the mPLAR equivalent credits are granted

How are credits granted?

As students complete each strand of the mPLAR subjects as required, a final assessment will measure students’ learning of the material and if successful, equivalent credits will be granted.


How many credits can students earn?

Students can earn the number of credits needed to complete 16 grade 9 and 10 credits plus the GLS–Learning Strategies credit which will teach valuable learning skills. Each strand in English, math, science, social science successfully completed, may result in the granting of up to four equivalent credits, if both grade 9 and 10 credits have not previously been achieved.


What type of credits are on the student transcript?

Prior Learning Equivalency (PLE) credits will be on the transcript which will reflect the achievement in the mPLAR program.


What can be studied following mPLAR?

GLS will provide students with a program planning guide which will assist them to map out future options. The mPLAR Program qualifies students to study Workplace level grade 11 and 12 courses as well as prepares them for a Co-operative Education program and some Apprenticeships.


Students may upgrade courses once mPLAR is completed in order to pursue applied and academic courses in grades 11 and 12 or post-secondary education.



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