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Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL)


Supervised Alternative Learning Program (SAL) is for students ages 14 to 17 who, for a variety of reasons, are at risk of leaving school early. The program:

  • could be an option to help students experience success and re-engage with learning
  • allows students, parent(s)/guardian(s), school and the board to determine an appropriate individualized plan to support students in learning that is based on his or her strengths and needs
  • could be considered after various school and board retention strategies have been attempted
  • requires students to remain on the registry of their home school, where the Ontario Student Record (OSR) will continue to be maintained
  • provides bus tickets, if required, for students attending the SAL locations

The program is suitable for students who:

  • may have had numerous unauthorized absences from school
  • may have had social and/or emotional issues or concerns
  • may have demonstrated dislike of school over an extended period
  • may have experienced a lack of academic success
  • may have a job or be interested in working (has obtained or has applied for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • may be interested in continuing to earn credits through enrolment in one or more courses at the home school, an alternative school or online
  • may require intensive counseling or medical treatment before they can fully engage in learning
  • have not responded to early interventions at the home school

Program Description


 While in SAL, students will have a Supervised Alternative Learning Plan (SALP) which will enable them to progress towards obtaining their Ontario Secondary School Diploma or achieving other educational and personal goals.


The SAL activities may include one or more of the following:

  • enrolment in one or more courses in which the student may earn credit(s)
  • enrolment in a Job Readiness Program
  • developing general employment skills, earning workplace certifications, or other non-credit courses
  • full or part-time employment at a work placement that has been visited and found appropriate
  • volunteering
  • counselling or medical treatment (to address barriers to learning)
  • any other activity that will help the student reach their educational and/or personal goals

Admission Process

Students must be referred to the SAP program through their home school. Contact your home school for more information.




North: Peel Alternative School North

315 Bartley Bull Parkway, Brampton L6W 2L4


South: Peel Alternative School South

1500 Ogden Ave. Mississauga L5E 2H8

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