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Senior Elementary Alternative Program (SEAP)


The Senior Elementary Alternative Program (SEAP) is a proactive program designed for students in grades 7 and 8 who are considered to be at risk of dropping out of school. The program is strongly student-centered and offers a small class size with much individualization. Transportation is provided as per the transportation policy by the Peel District School Board.


Who can attend the SEAP program

This program is open to students:

  • who are currently enrolled in a Peel board school in grade 7 or 8
  • with average or above average academic potential
  • who are fragile, vulnerable and may experience difficulty in a large school population
  • who do not require intensive behavioural support or programming
  • who received in-school interventions such as counseling, modified timetable or social work support
  • whose school performance and attendance have suffered dramatically for a combination of reasons including, victimization, personal/family crisis and chronic social and/or emotional stress
  • with negative perceptions about self and schooling

The purpose of SEAP is to:

• provide an alternative learning environment for vulnerable at-risk students

• provide learning activities designed to support the student’s individual needs

• provide a safe and supportive learning environment, which will promote regular school attendance

• improve social skills and attitudes toward school

• provide students with an opportunity to develop skills in order to successfully re-enter their home school, or transition to other Alternative Programs


Admission Requirements

The Alternative Programs Admissions Committee (APAC) determines the suitability of candidates for the program. Students who are accepted into the program and who do not attend will be redirected to register in their home school.


Admission Process

Students must be referred to the SEAP program through their home school. Contact your home school for more information.



PAS North Program:

Sir Winston Churchill Public School

89 Ardglen Dr., Brampton


PAS South Program:

Edenwood Middle School

6770 Edenwood Drive, Mississauga

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