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Teen Education and Motherhood program (TEAM)


The TEAM program is for students between 14 and 20 in grades 9-12 who are pregnant or who have a child. The TEAM Program:

  • individualizes the academic program to meet the student’s needs
  • focuses on parenting skills
  • supports teen mothers through a variety of workshops presented by the Peel Public Health Nurse
  • requires students to fulfill the literacy requirement and 40 hours of Community Involvement to earn a high school diploma
  • requires students to arrange for child care when their child is three months of age or older

Who can attend the TEAM program?

This program is open to students:

  • who are pregnant or currently have children
  • who attend or previously attended a Peel Board school
  • who typically require at least three credits to graduate
  • with average to above average academic potential
  • who are willing to attend the program and meet program requirements


The purpose of the TEAM program is to:

  • provide a supportive learning environment to encourage the students to complete their education
  • provide a transition for students wishing to return to their home school, pursue post-secondary education, or seek employment
  • provide opportunities to learn positive parenting skills
  • provide opportunities for women to support each other
  • facilitate contact between students and community service providers

Admission Process

Students must be referred to the TEAM program through their home school. Contact your home school for more information.

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