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Course Changes: 2018-2019

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Last day to request a course change is Friday, June 8th. After this date, course change requests will start the first week in September. Listen to announcements! 


Port Credit S.S. Course Selection 2018-2019

Course selection assemblies will be held in January 2018 for each grade level:


Grade 9's:   Tues.  Jan. 9th, period 1

Grade 10's:  Wed. Jan. 10th, period 2

Grade 11's/ returning Grade 12 students:  Thurs. Jan. 11, period 1



                                                 Math Pathway Chart 2017.pdf



Course Selection Instructions:    



Grade 9 Students: Moving to Grade 10       

Assembly PPT: Grade 9 to 10 Student course selection presentation 2018.pdf    ​ 

Grade 10 Planning Sheet :  Grade 10 course selections_2018.pdf

Things to Remember:  Grade 9 MBP instruction 2018-2019.pdf


Grade 10 Students:  Moving to Grade 11

Assembly PPT: ​​Grade 10 to 11 Student course selection assembly 2018.pdf

Grade 11 Planning Sheet:​ Grade 11 course selections_2018.pdf                      ​


Grade 11 Students: Moving to Grade 12   

Assembly PPT:Grade 11 to 12 Course Selection Assembly PCSS 2018-19.pdf

Grade 12 Planning Sheet: Grade 12 course selections_2018.pdf



Regional SciTech Chart of Course Selections over 4 years click here 


​Course selection dates:  myBluePrint  is open from Jan. 9th to Feb. 8th.


Course verification sheets, with parent/guardian signature, are due back to each student's home form teacher by Thus. Feb. 8th.   Students are reminded to speak with their parents and teachers so they may make wise course decisions, as course change requests later on in the year may not be possible because a course is full or cancelled.  After Feb. 9th, requests for course changes will only be done through course change form,which may be picked up from the Guidance Office. Forms will be available for a limited time only.


General Information:  Timetable Changes


When making course selections, all students are encouraged to make thoughtful and appropriate course changes, in collaboration with their parents/guardians, teachers and Guidance Counsellors.  If availability exists, some changes might be accommodated.  Student must check announcements for the next  opportunity to change their selections.  It must be understood that, due to staffing and timetable restrictions, not all change requests can be accommodated.


Semester Two:  Course Changes 2018

Students wishing to make a change, may do so by making an appointment with their Guidance Counsellor during semester one.  Changes will be considered until the start of January 2018 exam period. The next available time to make a semester 2 course change will be during the first week of semester 2 through a course change request form which will be available outside of the Guidance Office from:  Forms available: Fri. Feb. 2nd  to Tues. Feb.13th. Last day to hand in a form is Wed, Feb. 14th. 8:30 a.m.


Students who we are able to make a change, will be called down to the Guidance Office and given a new timetable.  Students who we are not able to  change a course, can pick -up a copy of their request form from the pick-up bin, which will be found outside of the Guidance Office, starting on Tues, Feb. 13th  All changes will be completed by  Fri. Feb. 16th.    Please note, if you are already on a wait list from last fall,  you are still on the wait list and do not need to hand in another form. We anticipate very few changes being made as MOST courses are full.  Students are expected to follow their timetable unless given a new one from Guidance. We anticipate very few changes as many courses are FULL.  Thank-you for your co-operation.




Course selection is a continual process and should be based on an individual student's interests, abilities and goals. To assist with this process, students are strongly encouraged to speak to their teachers about proposed classes, read course descriptions online or in the Common Course Calendar, talk to their counsellors and parents, and speak to students who have previously taken these classes. Students choose their classes online—a password is required which can be obtained through the school.

Career Research

Students are encouraged to consult the following online resources prior to choosing their courses:

www.myblueprint.ca/peel Username | Password : contact your guidance counsellor

Course Changes

Once a student chooses a course, they are expected to remain enrolled in that course, unless there are special circumstances. Students are encouraged to speak to their teachers and counsellors, should any difficulties and/or challenges arise.

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