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08:30 AM
Therapy Dogs visiting students
SciTech Screening Day
Imboic (Wicca) (Holy Day)
First Day of Semester 2 Classes Resume (Day 1 Schedule)
Day Three Exams
Day Four Exams
Strings Audition Day
Turnaround day No Classes
Imboic (Wicca) (Holy Day)
Snow Day
PA Day
Modified Day 1 Schedule
02:35 PM
Semester 1 Report Cards Distribution
Professional Learning Day No Classes
First round of offers Regional Programs
04:00 PM
First Round Offers for Regional Programs expire
PA Day
01:00 PM
Exam Review
04:00 PM
Second Round offers for Regional Programs made at 4pm
PAD2O0 Winter Trip
Lunar New Year/Maitreya Bodhisattva's Birthday (Buddhism) (NSD – No Scheduling Day)
11:10 AM
Valentine Candy Gram Sales
Valentine Candy Gram Distribution
Mahashivratri (Hinduism) (NSD – No Scheduling Day)
Ash Wednesday (Christianity) (Holy Day)
Canadian Armed Forces Info Booth
12:00 PM
Co-op Fair
04:00 PM
Second Round Offers Expire for Regional Programs
Family Day NO Classes
Food and Sock Drive for the Compass
Clean Monday(J) (Christianity) (Holy Day)
Pizza Night: Order from Amadio's Pizza % of sale goes to school
Inside Ride Assembly
PA Day
Intercalary Days (Bahá'í) (Holy Day)
Bahá'í Fast (Bahá'í) (Holy Day)
09:55 AM
Sci Tech Special Guest Speaker - All grades
08:30 AM
Early Release Day Classes end 11;10
Purim (Judaism) (Holy Day)
Hola Mohalla (Sikhism) (Holy Day)
07:00 PM
Parent Council Meeting / Focus Group Session see pcssonline.com for more info
Holi (Hinduism) (AL – Approved Leave)
Lantern Festival/Magha Puja (Buddhism) (Holy Day)
09:15 AM
SBI3UO - Ripley's Aquarium
Holy Days
School Events


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