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Ascension of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá (Bahá'í) (Holy Day)
09:00 AM
Feeder School attending Mainstage Play in Auditorium
Milad-un-Nabi (Islam) (Holy Day)
First day of Advent (J) (Christianity) (Holy Day)
09:00 AM
Regional Srings Guest - Chello Duo
Maun Agiyaras (Jainism) (Holy Day)
05:30 PM
Parent Interview Night: Cafe Meeting
06:30 PM
Parent Interview Scheduled Times
07:00 PM
Parent Council Meeting
First day of Advent (Christianity) (Holy Day)
Gr. 9 Rock Climbing
Course Selection Gr 8 Opens
Penguin Drive (Holiday Fundraiser)
07:00 PM
Mainstage Play Performance
11:30 AM
Beauty & the Frog - Student Buy Out
Bodhi Day (Buddhism) (Holy Day)
11:00 AM
Cultural Unity Festival
Penguin Drive (Holiday Fundraiser)
10:00 AM
OYAP Presentation - Gr. 10
Chanukah (Judaism) (Holy Day)
05:30 PM
Visual Arts Explosion - Cafeteria Evening
Birthday of Imam Aga Khan (Islam) (AL – Approved Leave)
07:00 PM
Winter Concert
08:30 AM
Early Release Day Classes end 11;10
Penguin Drive (Holiday Fundraiser)
Yule/Winter Solstice (Wicca) (NSD – No Scheduling Day)
Chanukah (Judaism) (Holy Day)
Winter Break
Winter Break
Christmas (Christianity) (Holy Day)(NSD – No Scheduling Day)
Zarathosht-no-diso (FC) (Zoroastrianism)(AL – Approved Leave)
Boxing Day
Winter Break
Temple day (Buddhism) (Holy Day)
Amitabha Buddha's Birthday (Buddhism) ( Holy Day)
Birth of Guru Gobind Singh (Sikhism) (NSD – No Scheduling Day)
Epiphany (Christianity) (Holy Day)
Winter Break
Holy Days
School Events


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