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Your Portfolio Grads


  • What are portfolio interviews?
  • How long will the interviews be?
  • When are the portfolios due?
  • What type of questions will be asked?


Portfolio Interviews

Date:   May

Where:  You will receive a personal invitation with your time and location.

You will receive this well in advance.

Time:    Interviews will be 5 – 7 minutes



  • Let your teacher know in advance that you will be out of class for about 10 minutes on your interview day.
  • On interview day show your classroom teacher your invitation as your excuse slip to leave the class.
  • Bring your portfolio and any other materials that you need to your interview location.
  • Be on time. 

The Interview

  • Show the interviewers (a science teacher and a technology teacher) how your portfolio matches the expectations outlined in the portfolio rubric.
  • Be specific and show examples of your work. Discuss how the rubric criteria are met by your work.
  • It is up to YOU to demonstrate that you have met all the expectations. The teachers may ask questions of clarification but   YOU LEAD THE INTERVIEW!  

Interview Completion

  • Successful SciTech students will receive a Certificate of Portfolio Completion at the end of the interview.
  • If you are not successful, you will have another opportunity to demonstrate your completed portfolio through a second interview (time to be arranged).

More questions you asked:

  • What are we to do about missing items for the portfolio from previous grades that were not completed? Missing assignments?
  •  Find a substitute assignment that you completed that demonstrates the same skills and  qualities and explain why you have chosen it.


If I take 5 years to complete my high school education, when will I present my portfolio?

  •   Then present the same year as they do.  The portfolio requires 4 years of the program.


How long do the reflections have to be?

  • A paragraph is fine. One line is not enough, 2 pages is too much!


Can we add pieces that we are proud of and omit those we are not?

  • You should “own” your portfolio; for the purposes of completion, keep the items that are required.
  • During the interview, you can state what you like and don’t like about the items.  It won’t count against you.
  • You can add other pieces that showcase your talents and that you are proud of.
    When you use the portfolio later, keep whatever you want.


May I create an electronic portfolio?

  • Yes.  Consider:
  • What is the best format for your portfolio? Can you show the interviewers that you have completed all components? Have you scanned all signed documentation? Would part of the portfolio be suitable for electronic presentation? Can you bring all equipment necessary to the interview?

How can our SciTech portfolios be used after we graduate?

How will the portfolio help me if I don’t plan on continuing a career in science or tech?

Do colleges and universities really look at these? Honestly?


  • It is your keepsake, primarily for YOU. You may be able to use it ‘as is’ depending on your program.
  • It may be a jumping point to produce something more specific for a program or place of employment you choose.
  •  Many organizations are looking for portfolios and even if they aren’t, you can impress them with your professional documentation of your skills.


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