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Regional SciTech & Regional Strings Process 2017/2018


Application Process:


Open House:       For PCSS and All Regional Programs

is October 25, 2017 @ 6:00 pm



On line Application:

Applications for all Regional Programs in Peel open Nov. 6, 2017

 Click here to apply for Regional Program


Deadline for Application:  November 24, 2017


There is a non refundable application fee  of $40.00 that can be paid on line at the time of applying, using a third-party service provider. If you don’t have a credit card or bank card, fees can be paid in-person by cash or a cheque (cheques made payable to the Port Credit Secondary School).  Applications not paying the fee will not be considered for the programs.


Next Steps:  Once you Apply online:


SciTech Applicants:  'A Related Experience Form' must be completed and sent to scitechpcss@peelsb.com or faxed to 905-278-8936  (see below for pdf of form).


   Related Experience for SciTech Application at Port Credit SS.pdf





SciTech applications, will be evaluated and ranked according to the students grades, learning skills and Related experience form.   applicant. Invitations will be emailed to the top 240 applicants to come to Phase 2 testing, to be done at PCSS.  Email's will also be sent to applicants that are unsuccessful at this stage. 


Strings Committee:   will send a email to set a interview/audition date.



February Screening Day / Auditions:


Strings: February:  Interviews and/or Auditions take place room 125, your time will be emailed. Strings Audition Requirements.docx




SciTech:  Phase Two:  February:  The top 240 candidates will participate in a group simulation and complete an individual assignment.  There is no way for candidates to prepare for this day, and they do not need to bring anything with them we will provide all materials needed to complete the tasks.  Candidates need to show up 15 minutes early for their scheduled time and be prepared to have fun.  Your participation time will be emailed to you, we only have one phase two day.


February Strings & SciTech  Deadline First Round of Offers:  

First round of offers go out February 2 and must be accepted by no later than February  8, 2018 @ 4pm sharp.   If applicants do not accept spots in a Program, the spots will be offered to other applicants on waitlist. Once applicants make a Program decision, they cannot "change their minds" and accept spots in different Regional Programs, after the deadline. 


Second round offers for Strings and SciTech will be sent via email on February 9, 2018. The deadline for second round offers is February 14, 2018 @ 4pm sharp.

Acceptance details: 

When you are offered placement and confirm acceptance into Strings or SciTech Regional Program at PCSS, you will be asked to pay your program fee of $200.00. Directions will be provided.  Applicants will only be officially admitted into the program once the program fee is received.  Fees can be paid for online using a third-party service provider.  Once the first day of the school year starts this fee non refundable.


Please note the Regional Program fee is a annual fee of 200.00 per year, paid at course selection for the next year.  If a student leaves the program they will be transfered to their home school.  A student who withdraws from a Regional Learning Choices Program prior to the start of school will receive 100% refund.  Students who withdraw from the program once school begins untill Octover 15th will be refunded 50% of the program fee.  The Application is non refundable.


Click here to apply for Regional Programs


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