Student Life
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Clubs and More


Student Councils At Port Credit

Athletic Council
Drama Council
Interact Council
Leadership Council
Music Council
Student Activity Council
SciTech Student Council

Visual Arts Council


Clubs At Port Credit

Biology Contest
Business Leadership
Catch-up Club
Christmas Charity Drives
Concert/Jazz Bands
Computer Programming
Design Crew
Drama – SEARS Festival
Environment Club
Film Club
Improv Team
Library Club
Math Club & Contests
Mock Trial
Model U.N.
Peel Skills Competition
Peer Buddies
PC Gay-Straight Alliance
Reach For The Top

Solar Car Competition
South Asian Club
Speaker’s Corner
Stage Crew
Symphony Orchestra
Terry Fox Day
Youth Multicultural Club


Student Athletics at Port Credit

 There are many athletic opportunities available to students at Port Credit.   For a full list see our student athletics page.

School clubs and other extracurricular activities are an integral part of many students’ high school experience. They provide a chance for students to develop leadership and teamwork skills while pursuing an interest that may lead to a career or lifelong hobby.

Positive participation in activities also increases students' involvement in their school. As well, extracurricular activities are considered an asset on post-secondary school applications by showing additional positive attributes of an applicant that might not be reflected in grades alone.

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