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The Roy McMurtry School is a welcoming, safe,and nurturing learning environment that is
focused on student success. The academic program has been designed to meet the needs of all
learners to ensure that they develop the skills and attitude necessary for success in any post-
secondary destination. 
The staff at the Roy McMurtry School are committed to developing and implementing a
curriculum that not only meets the Ontario Ministry of Education's academic expectations, but also addresses each student's intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs.  Restorative practices are utilized to build relationships and enhance community, ensuring that our students, staff and all stakeholders work together to accomplish what we cannot accomplish alone - high standards of character and commitment to academic achievement.
For additional information, including transcripts and transition support, contact the Roy McMurtry School guidance counsellors:
Mr. Sterritt - (905) 890-1010 ext. 6056
Mr. Marks - (905) 890-1010 ext. 6055





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