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Letter to families regarding novel, Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why

View animportant letter regarding concerns some mental health professionals have about a recent Netflix and novel series, ​13 Reasons Why. ​This letter is intended for families with students in grades 4 and up, though this information may be useful for all families​.​
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Celebrating 10 years of Community Excellence and Respect!

brochure_SLSS 10th Anniversary.jpg 

Mr. Stephen Lewis, our school's namesake, will be joining us on this very special occasion.  There will be displays, artwork and performances showcasing the achievements of the school throughout the evening.  Light refreshments and goodies will be served.

If you plan on attending this event, please click the link below to register:


We will be broadcasting this event on May 4th.  To watch the live stream, please click on the link below:



We look forward to seeing you there!



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Robotics Team Qualifies for the World Championships - St. Louis. Missouri (end of April)

​Congratulations to the Stephen Lewis Secondary School Robotics Team (lead by Mr. Mathewson and Mr. Camilleri) who have qualified for the First Robotics World Championships to be held at the end of April. They also won a $2,000 scholarship from Siemens Canada and a Rookie Inspiration Award at the Provincial level. Thanks to the Phys. Ed. Department for the loan of Lennie the LYNX!  Way to go team! Thank you Mr. LeBreton for your continued support.

First Robotics World Championships 

Check out the team website and team video (click on the links below):

SLSS Robotics 

FRC 6378 - Promo Video.mp4

Click on the link below and check out the video released by FIRST Robotics which helps explain why we spend so much time and energy working with this non-profit organization and what it brings to students in several countries.

 Video - This isn't a Robot

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Apply for a position on the board's Parent Involvement Committe

The Peel District School Board's Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is currently seeking parent applications to fill six available positions, beginning September 2017 and ending August 2019. 

Peel parents interested in this volunteer opportunity can apply using the online form. The online application closes May 1, 2017. For parent member selection criteria and more information about PIC, please visit

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Summer School 2017 Registration Information and Links




Full Session Courses (110 hrs) are available to those attempting the course for the first time or upgrading their mark. These run for 4 weeks from July 4 - July 31     

Make-up Courses (55 hrs) are available to those who previously attempted the course and failed with a mark of 40-49%. These run for a 2 week session. Make-up courses are designated with a 1 or 2 on the end of the course code. Session 1: July 4th – July 17th  Session 2: July 18th – July 31st

Note: Careers (GLC2O1/2) and Civics(CHV2O1/2) run for 2 weeks each. If you are taking as a new credit you must register for both.

*All classes run from 8:00am – 1:30pm

*Read the summer school information posted on the SLSS Guidance bulletin board and on the SLSS website.

*Decide on the course you wish to take and what board/location.  YOU MAY REGISTER WITH ONE BOARD ONLY! If you sign up for both, your Peel registration will be cancelled.



 Summer School Registration Info for Website.pdf



LINK for PEEL summer school sites and course offerings:


LINK for DUFFERIN-PEEL summer school sites and course offerings:


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*New* - Community Corner Resource Page for Parents & Students

*NEW* Community Corner

Stay up-to-date with community-based opportunities

The Peel District School Board is pleased to introduce an electronic resource page on called, 'Community Corner', which contains links to information and resources in the community that may be of interest to students and their families. This site replaces our previous method of sending promotional materials about community clubs, camps, contests, fundraisers and events home with students on a regular basis.

 How you can access Community Corner

1.      Visit

2.      Click on the "Community Corner"  button, found on the main page of school websites, as well as on


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