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2018-2019 School Council Nominee Biographies



REVISED 2018-10-02


Please note that two nominees have been added to the the nominee list

and should be in consideration when selecting your votes.


Sumiya Aamir

I want to be on the school council because I want to be engaged in the education process both at school and at home.  It's important for me to be able to give back to the community and by being on the school council I would be able to make SLSS a better place for students.


Sabina Alam

Parent of three children who attended SLSS and two are already graduated from SLSS attending U of T youngest is attending.  Time is running fast with more than two decades of volunteering in the school system always realized how important is to be involved in your child's school.  For past many years in SLSS Parent Council as an executive and also involved in many other non-profit organization in Churchill Meadows neighbourhood; to contribute my efforts, time to ensure that we achieve our goals of strong partnership with youth and others.


Amit Ambegaonkar

I am parent of Sanjana in Grade 10 and award-winning author of the book "Your Profound Success".  I would like this opportunity to be on the Council to contribute towards massive growth and developement of children in high school as I am well aware of what it takes to make them happy and drive them towards achieving their goals.  I have been blessed by having very close association of some of the tope most though leaders in the world and would like to share my wisdom and share my ideas with the school parents to make it truly worthwhile for the students time in school for their overall growth: mindset and personal development.


I strongly believe that armed with these tools will make the biggest impact for the children to progress in life and whatever route they choose in their career.


Sadia Azhar

I like to be a part of council to help in identifying student professional growth and how they can manage their life after studies.  Students need proper guidance.


Humaira Bashir

I have been an active parent member of school council for the last 13 years.  I have wide experience of volunteering in Peel Region.  I have a MA and PHd in education, with over 20 years experience in field of education and social service.


Ali Jamal Kidwai

I believe that it is important for parents to be more activity and effectively involved in their child's learning.  Through the council, I can work in partnership with the school to enhance their learning, voice my opinion and offer solutions within the available resources.


Fouzia Khokhar

I want to get involved and serve to my best to the school its objectives of this year.  I have been on parent council earlier in a Hamilton board school.


Jyotika Lalwani

I am currently working as an Associate Director, at MUFG Investor Services, with a background in accounting. I am a proud parent of grade 12 and grade 10 students at SLSS and have been actively involved as a volunteer at the SLSS school council for past few years and was a co-chair last year. I have also been part of parent council at Ruth Thompson Middle school for past few years. I also serve as a Executive director and Treasurer at Churchill Meadows Residence association (CMRA). I truly believe the parents who are involved in their child's school and their community makes a big difference for all students.


Tahir Iqbal Malik

In this role, I am excited and looking forward to work with other council members for the achievement of high expectation related to student success, equal opportunities for all the students to reach their potential.


Saira Qureshi-Wennkers

My name is Saira and I have 3 children at SLSS in grades 9, 10 & 12 respectively.  I also have 2 at OPPS.  This year I am very eager to help at SLSS Parent School Council!  I have a lot of school council experience and volunteer all the time.  Also, school/student relationships are a huge priority for me.  We must advocate, help and guide our children by any means including parent involvement.  I am here to help, complete and follow through with student left as they make it through to post-secondary.  The best thing I can do is set an example and how that together we can all be the best that we can be!


Shailesh Patel

I would like to get actively engaged in organizing the events in the school to help student and parents past two years of experience as school council member with SLSS has been enriching and I would like to utilize that to help the school as well as local community to meet the need of the children for their overall development.


Sadaf Wasim

As it educational and youth Community Event consultant, I would like to be part of SLSS School Council again.  With 8 years of experience in PDSB as Parent Council chair in elementary schools.  I would like to continue serve the community again, with your vote, together all succeed.  Success = SLSS Staff + Student + Families.  Thanks for your continuous support.



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