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2017-2018 School Council Nominee Biographies


Khelood Abdalla


As an ESL teacher with bachelor degree in Linguistics from York University and a certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), I am very passionate about teaching children and adult, with more than 10 years experience in teaching. I love to volunteer my time in the community wherever we lived because I believe volunteers build communities. I was a parent representative, soccer coach; helping kids with their reading, helping out in the breakfast program, preparing food for kids on Education Week, taking care of community and school garden, skiing instructor, helping out in hockey, timekeeper in swimming meets with the city of Mississauga, and helping monitor kids in school trips in different school boards and communities across Canada. Since my son, Omer, was in kindergarten. Omer is in grade 12 this year. I also have been nominated coach of the year in 2017 for coaching the under 17 boys in MYSL. I really enjoy working with children and parents to improve our community.  


As of now, I am a volunteer instructor with the Helping Hands and English online to help the Syrian refugee and new comers to adjust to the new life in Canada. I am also a volunteered teacher at the Quran Academy since moving to Churchill Meadows three years ago, and I just got elected yesterday as a school council member in Oscar Peterson Public School. I hope to have your vote to be part of make SLSS better place for our children.



Tasneem Ahmed


As an educator for two decades and mother of 5 children, I am naturally interested in children's education and have always played an active role in their schools.  I had a opportunity to be a parent member and a co-chair at the SLSS school council for 2013-2014, 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and a member in 2014-2015.



Sabina Alam


Hi, my name is Sabina Alam and I am a parent of three kids who are attending Stephen Lewis and University of Toronto respectively.  I have done my Masters in Education, and have been keenly involved in schools in particular and educational activities in general for many years now.


I have been in the SLSS parents council for the past four years and also had the privilege of serving as a CO CHAIR for few years.  Apart from that, I have also been actively involved in the community; volunteering for different programs (Canada day Together, Kite Fest, Movie Night and many more) held in the community for the past few years especially Churchill Meadows neighbourhood, through CRMA and other non profit organizations.


I have always want to be actively involved in the schooling system and education so as to contribute my time and efforts to ensure that we achieve our goals in the council.


My goal is to build a strong partnership with not only the school but the students themselves, to ensure that the students grow in a positive and facilitating environment and also that our community as a whole, progresses.



Firasat Ali Hashmi


I am a social worker with proven leadership, operational & financial planning and public relations skills.  Have volunteered my time & energies with NGOs & supported communities in the urban & rural areas for the promotion of health & education services.  During the past two years, I have been the member Board of Directors, Churchill Meadows Residents Association (CMRA).  I am interested to put my skills for the development of youths.



Humaira Bashir


I have worked in the field of education and social services for over 20 years, having attained Master's and PHD degrees in Education.



Jason Chen


I'd like to help and get involved, especially for kids education.



Chris Kouris


Last year I was given the privilege & trust to be a member of the parent school council.  This year I woul like to continue to serve if give the opportunity.  Our children are facing a lot of challenges at school and at home.  I believe that the parents council is the platform for addressing these challenges & facilitating their resolution.



Joytika Lalwani


I am a proud parent of grade 11 and grade 9 students at SLSS and have been actively involved as a volunteer at the SLSS school council for past 2 years. I have also been part of parent council at Ruth Thompson Middle school for past few years. I also serve as a Executive director and Treasurer at Churchill Meadows Residence association (CMRA). I truly believe the parents who are involved in their child's school and their community make a big difference for all students. I understand that being a part of school council requires commitment.  If elected, I will regularly attend all meeting and participate in all school council initiatives. I am also eager to learn new things and being a part of this amazing school.



M. Kamran Malik


I am a past graduate Engineer from an International Institute & have worked across continents.  To me only academic excellence is not enough.  I believe in providing equal opportunities to all student for personality development along with academic achievement for talking leadership role in future.



Shailesh Patel


I would like to get actively engaged in organizing the events in the school.  By getting involved as a school council member allows me to do that. I would like to be aware of the requirement of the local community when it comes to children's education past experience of school council member with SLSS has been enriching and I would like to utilize that to help the school as well local community to meet the needs of children for their overall development.



Saira Qureshi-Wennekers


I feel it is very important to be involved at the school(s) my children attend.  Currently, I volunteer weekly at Oscar Peterson P.S. and I am the 2016-2017 School Council Chair at Erin Centre M.S.  And now, with two of my older children Nuri and Sabrina Wennekers in grades 11 and 9 at SLSS.  I wish to continue as an active parent so on the School Council with the goal to help maintain a strong relationship between our community families and the school.  I have a vested interest – as we all do – to be a voice for our children, to advocate for them and keep the lines of communication open for all SLSS students to receive guidance, the best education and foundation possible to lead them to success in school and beyond.  I will bring forth new ideas and ensure we foster a strong relationship with SLSS and the Board staff to nurture school spirit, pride and achievement that will help our students grow to be strong representatives of SLSS, our community and where they are from.



Preeti Sehra


Parents representatives are the voice of all parents in the school community and they bring forward their concerns and suggestions.  Also being a parent of a hearing impaired child, I'll bring a new perspective to the school council to understand the challenges and how to help the special needs kids.



Sadaf (M) Wasim


As an I.T. Educational Consultant and Parent Councilor in PDSB for 8 years, I would like to continue to work together with you all towards transparency, equity and success of our SLSS school and student.  I care about your voice and interest, so please utilize your vote wisely and share ideas.  My record exemplifies passionate, self-driven and advocacy on behalf of all of us.  Together every one wins.  School success formula = SLSS Staff +School Council and families = Student Success.










Congratulations to the newly elected members for the SLSS Parent Council for 2016-2017!


The council members are:


Tasneem Ahmed​

Sabina Alam

Huma Ali

Humaira Bashir

Chris Kouris

Shailesh Patel

Colleen Ramalheiro

Dave Velocci



The SLSS Parent Council Executive for 2016-2017 will be:


Co-chair:  Dave Velocci

Co-Chair: Tasneem Ahmed

Treasurer: Sabina Alam

Secretary:  Colleen Ramalheiro










Please note that the date for the school election is

Thursday, September 29, starting at 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

Voters will need to bring their photo ID in order to place their vote. 


Our first School Council Meeting and Election

will also be held on the same day - 

Thursday, September 29 in Student Services

at 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.


We look forward to seeing you!





2016-2017 School Council Nominee Biographies



Tasneem Ahmed


As an educator for more two decades, and a mother of 5 children, I am naturally interested in children's education and have always attempted to play an active role in their schools and school lives. I had the opportunity to serve as a co-chair SLSS School Council and secretary at Erin Center Middle School in 2013-14. I was also a member of SLSS school council in 2014-15.


I have recently completed M. A. in Language and Literacy Education at the University of Toronto. I have taught English as a Second Language (ESL) at the Sheridan College and Language Instruction to the Newcomers (LINC) at Newcomer Centre of Peel. Currently, I am an International Languages Instructor (Urdu) at Branksome Hall, Toronto. Aside from that, as a board member of TESL-PHE, Affiliate of TESL Ontario – a non-profit organization, I have served as the Communication Committee Chair during 2013-14 and have been acting as a Treasurer since then.




Sabina Alam


Hi, my name is SABINA ALAM and I am a parent of three kids who are attending Stephen Lewis and RTMS respectively. I have done my masters in Education, and have been keenly involved in schools in particular and educational activities in general for many years now.  I have been in the SLSS parent council for the past two years and also had the  privilege of serving as a CO CHAIR for both years.  Apart from that, I have also been actively involved in the community; volunteering for different programs held in the community for the past few years.


I have always want to be actively involved in the schooling system and education so as to contribute my time and efforts to ensure that we achieve our goals in the council.  My goal is to build a strong partnership with not  only the school but the students themselves, to ensure that the students grow in a positive and fascilitating environment and also that our community as a whole, progresses.




Huma Ali


Hello, my name is Huma Ali, I hold a Master's degree in English Literature and have been a teacher by profession.

At present, I am a homemaker and have been associated with Stephen Lewis Secondary School since its inception. I have seen two of my children graduate successfully from it.  Currently, my third child is in her senior year.   I have seen SLSS grow and evolve into a center of excellence and which has produced many high achieving and successful individuals. Being part of this process, through volunteer work, has been a particularly rewarding experience. My official participation last year in the Parent Council has enabled me to serve as an active voice for other parents and to better understand what the School is doing to provide a high quality and meaningful education to its students.  I look forward to continuing to serve the SLSS community in this school year. 




Rajan Ariyur


Rajan is a father of 2 boys. Varun is in Grade 9 at SLSS. Older son Vaibhav is in McMaster 2nd Year Engineering Program.  He graduated from the Regional IBT Program at Gordon Graydon.  Rajan served as the Treasurer of the IBT Bussing Committee, which is a volunteer parent organized committee that managed bussing for over 500 students in 14 bus routes.


Rajan is a Chartered Professional Accountant by training and works at Sun Life.  A Mississauga resident for over 20 years.




Humaira Bashir


I have worked in the field of education and social services for over 20 years, having attained Master's and PhD degrees in Education.  My specialization is in public speaking, teaching, event management, volunteer management, youth, family, and community development, as well as the British, Pakistani and Canadian education systems. I have been chair, vice chair parent member and was on various committees in different school councils. I am also a board member of the Churchill Meadows Resident Association, and believe that my first service is to my community.




Shahla Khan


A dedicated and skilled Professional hand with a versatile administrative support coupling with 19 years experience in the education field was born in Winchester, UK on 28th July 1977. She completed her High school from Winchester and graduated from Karachi University in 1994 and remained at the same university to complete her Masters of Arts degree in English in 1996. Since she believed teaching is her passion she decided to become a certified teacher and accomplished CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Cambridge University, UK in 2010. Later then, while being in service at Ataturk University for 5 years she was granted scholarship for the PhD program in 2013 at Ataturk University, Turkey. As of late she graduated with TESL (Teachers Of English As A Second Language) from one of the reputable and recognizable institute of Canada, Canadian College of Educators.


She always aim to probably prepare her students to meet their maximum capacity, which gives her a great satisfaction by seeing her students meeting their instructive objectives. Besides she was a key member of AdvancED Accreditation Organization of United States of America in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where she engaged school community in an in-depth self-assessment of the seven AdvancED standards, equally established a school committee to help provide broad stakeholders input to the process, and acted as a lead team. Actively she relishes helping communities and involving in several voluntary services such as a volunteer instructor for the LINC program at Community Centers, in Mississauga. At this time, she has been adapting the program to meet the needs of the learners within this community.




Jyotika Lalwani


-No biography supplied-




Chris Kouris


My name is Chris Kouris. I was born and raised in Cyprus. After completing high school and mandatory military service I moved to England to study pharmacy in 1994. Upon completion of my degree and obtaining my licence as a pharmacist in 1998, I worked in London while pursuing a Master of Science degree in Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy at the London School of Pharmacy.  In 1999 I moved to Canada and settled in Mississauga. For the last 15 years I have been working as a clinical pharmacist at the Credit Valley Hospital, Trillium Health Partners. Part of my work at the hospital involves being a preceptor to pharmacy students from the University of Toronto and Waterloo. In the past, I have served as a member of the the Allied Health Professionals council at the hospital, representing my profession. When not at work I enjoy travelling around the world, experiencing the culture and the history of the places I visit. I like to spend time with family and friends. Amongst other interests, I enjoy reading on monetary history, economics, politics, food, exercise and nutrition. I am a huge fan of the Toronto Raptors basketball team.


Our family has been a member of the Churchill meadows community since 2003 and my son is currently enrolled in grade 9 at Stephen Lewis secondary school. The intention behind my candidacy as a member of the parents school council is to facilitate the promotion of education at the school and liaise with all the stakeholders involved to make education better. This stems from my belief that education is evolving and is based on a successful relationship amongst all the relevant parties involved i.e parents, teachers, students, government and our community. With that in mind I ask for your trust to serve and be a representative on the parents council at Stephen Lewis secondary school. Thank you for your consideration.




Shailesh Patel


I am a proud father of two children, Son in Grade 9 at Stephen Lewis SS and Daughter in Grade 2 at Churchill meadows PS. By Profession, I am registered Professional Engineer of Ontario as well as registered Project Management professional. I have an extensive experience of executing projects in several continents. While living in Canada as well as executing international projects, I have enjoyed working with people from various countries having different cultural, religious beliefs, background and truly believe that whole world is one family. I have strength in innovative problem solving & cost to serve optimization. I look forward to working with the members of Stephen Lewis SS & Parents to address the concerns and needs to enhance future development of our Children so that they can effectively compete with the world and handle future challenges that the world's economy will bring to them. Thank you for your consideration and looking forward to serve.




Colleen Ramalheiro


I am a dedicated and enthusiastic community volunteer. I have been a member of school council, at RTMS and at SLSS for the past seven years, with experience serving as chair, co-chair and as secretary.  I was part of the steering committee that organized this year's Canada Day Together Festival in Churchill Meadows. Currently, I serve as a board member and secretary for the Churchill Meadows Residents Association.  I understand that holding a seat on school council is a commitment. If elected, I will attend meetings, actively participate in all school council initiatives and generally help in any way I can.




Jean Salvadore


I would like to be on the school council in order to support our children through the foundational high school years. With over 18 years in the financial services industry, I have diverse experience in the finance world and the related expectations of working in this area. I am also a great advocate for diversity and inclusion in my workplace, having served on a diversity committee promoting diversity of thought and inclusion across many platforms (women, lgbt, persons with disabilities, cultural/international, millennials). My current post is co-chair of the employees with disabilities work stream.  Through my work, I also see on a daily basis the impact financial literacy can make on choices early in life for students in high school and through university and beyond.


I believe that supporting students through not only academics but also financial literacy, promoting diversity and inclusion and leveraging all the transferable skills they learn with extra-curricular activities can only serve to propel them forward in the "real working world" in Canada. I would like to have a hand in that development based on my experience in management, diversity and inclusion and the many extra-curricular activities I engaged in through my schooling as a new immigrant to Canada.




Dahlia Sherif


My name is Dalia Sherif, a parent of a grade 9 student at SLSS.  I have a BSc (Hon.) and MASc in Chemical Engineering.  My career landed me into different places where I worked in research & development, engineering projects management, I am also a PMP, for around 7 years.  However, I recently chose to pursue a career in school administration field.  In my current position, I work in a school, grades K-8, where I coordinate and manage all extra-curricular activities and after-school programs for the students.  It is and exciting experience as I get to learn everyday about new opportunities for our students to enrich their learning experiences.  From STEM related activities to University engagements and over-night trips, my job opened my eyes into a new world that emphasize the importance of hands-on experiences and community engagement to elevate student awareness and learning curves.  I am sure that I will be adding much to the parent council through my experience as I will give valuable insights to engage our high school students and give them an edge over their peers.  I am also excited to learn from others on how to better approach our high school and provide them with tools that better prepare them for a brighter future.




Beenish Taimur


-No biography supplied-




David Velocci


I am a proud Parent of a grade twelve student at SLSS and have been actively involved in the School Council at SLSS for the past three years.  I have been a part of every School Council at the Public Schools my son has attended over the past 12 years. This volunteer experience has been both educational and rewarding and I truly believe that Parents who are involved in their child's school make a big difference for all Students.  School Councils should be an open and welcoming group where all Parents, regardless of background, can feel they have a voice.  If given the privilege of being elected as a Parent Representative I will work to ensure our School Council remains open, welcoming and effective. I am committed to putting in the time and effort to achieve the goals of Council for this school year and to continue the history of excellence the SLSS School Council has developed.


I want to encourage all Parents or Caregivers of Students at SLSS to get involved with School Council and to remember that whether or not you are elected as a Parent Rep, you are a welcome addition to the group and Council needs your effort and support to be successful.  Thank you for your consideration.








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