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Animal Diversity Web: University of Michigan – Museum of Zoology

Animal Search Engine

Animal Bytes – San Diego Zoo

Audubon Organization

Endangered Species - World Wildlife Fund

The Extinction Website

National Wildlife Federation

Ontario Nature Organization




Canadian Space Agency - RADARSAT, space station, astronauts

Astronomy @ National Research Council - Canadian skies, solar system, astronomy

Canadian Science and Technology Museum - telescopes, the sun, the solar system

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - The world’s largest telescopes; location, type of telescopes, images

Celestron - Telescopes, images
Highlands Astronomical Society (UK)
Hubble Telescope
Exploratorium Museum




ecoAction - Government of Canada

Energuide - energuide for labeling Canadian Appliances; Energy Star labeling; tips on calculating the savings

Greenpeace: Nuclear Information - history, reprocessing, plutonium, transport, waste, accidents - US Department of Energy




PBS Evolution

Understanding Evolution - UC Berkeley


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