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Enhanced Learning Program
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The Woodlands School is a regional and provincial leader and innovator in providing exceptional programming for those identified as Exceptional Intellectual-Gifted by the PDSB’s Placement and Review Committee.


Our program offers the largest regional Gifted Program in Peel and has the widest selection of enhanced-level programming for our 300+ identified students.  We provide leadership opportunities, guidance, stewardship, advocacy and mentoring to help our students reach their full potential.


Our faculty focuses on how the gifted brain receives information.  As our students progress through our program at The Woodlands students are afforded greater latitude to develop their academic potential and interest. 


Our school also offers Specialist High Skills Major cohorts in Health & Wellness and Arts & Culture that can be incorporated side by side with the ELP.  They are not mutually exclusive.


In addition to our engaging academic program, we offer an eclectic variety of clubs, activities, and extra-curriculars.  Many of our enhanced students actively aid in the development and organization of club activities thereby allowing the opportunity to harness their leadership potential.  For example – WAA (Woodlands Athletic Association), Music Council, DECA, Prefects, Robotics, SAC (Student government), and many, many more.

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