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School Council Minutes - April 1st

School Council Minutes - April 1st

​School Council Minutes from April 1, 2019

School Council Minutes – April 1, 2019



  1. Letter from PDSB Chair to Minister of Education
  2. Education Week Activities
  3. School Fundraising Money Plans
  4. Teacher Report


  1. Chair of the PDSB wrote a letter on behalf of Board to the Minister of Education, highlighting the challenges that recent policy initiatives will create:
    1. Increase in class sizes
    2. Funding for children with ASD: integration into classrooms, TA supports, training for educators
    3. Health and Phys. Ed curriculum
    4. Potential changes to Math curriculum: follow up to Focus on Fundamentals plan
    5. Teachers and DECEs have been laid off (2 from Champlain Trail)
  2. Education Week
    1. Walk to School initiative: there is a t-shirt giveaway for kids who walk to school next week
    2. Day of Pink is April 10th
    3. Book Fair, Tuesday through Friday
    4. Open House: Thursday, 10 – 11 am; will focus on a design/build challenge
    5. Multi-Cultural Fair: April 12th; 10 – 11 am for parent visits; can get their children from their classes for a family visit;
  3. School-Raised Fund Planning
    1. At last meeting, School Council agreed that they wanted to spend money on student experiences, such as plays and special events at the school; VP committed to researching options and presenting them;
    2. VP found several options:
      1. Duffle Bag Theatre
      2. Yoga
      3. BRAVE anti-bullying
      4. X Movement
      5. Jungle Sports
    3. Parents will research different ideas and report back to VP if they feel strongly
    4. Time being short, it is ok for school to decide for this year
  4. Teacher Report
    1. Planning a Family Game Night in May
    2. Milk bag collection is a great success
    3. Will consider a garage sale donation room ($5 items) at Family Game Night