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Music Program
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Dear Parent/Guardian:

IBT students at Allan A. Martin will be enrolled in the instrumental (band) music program. Instrumental program is designed to meet the requirements of the Ontario Curriculum expectations through learning to play an instrument.

The Instrumental Music Program is an excellent opportunity for your child to learn how to play a band instrument such as the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone. No prior music/instrument experience is required.

When in the instrumental music program, students have the opportunity join the extra-curricular band and have the opportunity to perform at AAM Winter and Spring concerts, Competitive and Non-completive music festival such as: Ontario Band Association, Kiwanis, PMTA, and have the opportunity to watch the Toronto Symphony Orchestra perform in the fall.


Instrument Selection Process:

Your child will be playing the same instrument for 3 years during his/her time at Allan A. Martin. We ask when selecting instruments, both you and your child do research to ensure that your child is satisfied with the selections. Please do not number/rank your selections as we need to ensure that we have balanced instrumentation and ensembles in each class.



Students will need to provide an instrument for the school year. Allan A. Martin has an instrument rental agreement with Cosmo Music.  This agreement ensures that our students receive top-quality instruments.  If your child's instrument is ever in need of repair, we coordinate the pick-up, repair, and delivery directly with Cosmo Music.  Any adjustments and repairs required due to normal wear and tear are covered as part of the rental contract). The cost of renting an instrument is $230.  This covers the rental cost and any regular maintenance or repairs needed as well as insurance against theft/loss.  This also covers the cost of sharing the rental of larger instruments like French horns, tubas, baritones, bass clarinets, and saxophones. 

If you are considering the purchase of an instrument for your child to play, please ensure that the quality of the instrument is acceptable. Non-reputable Instruments purchased at big box stores or online is not considered to be quality instrument. This means that the instrument will not produce a good tone and may break more easily resulting in costly repairs. We highly recommend purchasing brands such as Yamaha, Selmer, and Jupiter. If you would like to discuss reputable instrument brand names or music stores before purchasing, please contact the school to speak to Ms. Kim (x135).


Registration process:

If your child owns a band instrument, you will need to fill out the attached Registration Form with a note stating the child's experience in the band instrument.  If your child will be renting an  instrument through Cosmo Music, you will need to fill out the attached Registration FormMusic Form 2019.pdf and Online Registration/Payment. All forms must be filled completely in order for your child to be a part of the Instrumental Music Program. 

Instrument selection form is due back to the school by Friday, May  3rd,  2019.  Late submissions will not be accepted.  To ensure we are able to begin our Instrumental program promptly in the Fall, we encourage students renting an instrument through Cosmo Music to ensure that the rental payment is made online by August 1st, 2019.  Any delays in registration will delay instrument arrival in the fall. Payment of the rental instrument can be made by credit card through Cosmo at