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School Council
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Elected School Council  2015 - 2016 
School Council Co-Chairs and Voting Members

Jennifer Latimer

Kathy Stewart

 I've been a Whiteoaks parent for five years, and now my youngest is in grade 3.  With a background in teaching, nutrition and Masters in Education, and three school age children, I have spent a lot of time in schools volunteering for fun fairs, school council meetings, field trips, classroom helpers, working with PALS, Project Lunch, assisting with lunchroom supervision and helping with various other school functions.  More recently I have been working with our administration with developing a plan for developing our Healthy School Community, which has included developing community partner relationships for Whiteoaks, assisting with the Healthy School Certification, initiating the Healthy School Community Committee, and contributing the Nutrition Nibble in the weekly newsletter


Treasurer and Voting Member

Erin Robinson

Hi my name is Erin Robinson and I have three daughters currently attending Whiteoaks P.S. in JK, Gr 2 and Gr 3. 

I am running for the treasurer position within the parent council.  I am a Chartered Accountant with over 12 years industry experience.  I recently returned to work after being home with my kids for seven years.  For the past two years I was the treasurer for the Whiteoaks fun fair.  I have also enjoyed volunteering assisting with QSP, Fall Fairs, Staff Luncheons as well as in the classroom.  I am excited to contribute to the Whiteoaks Parent Council. 


Secretary and Voting Member

Rajbinder Grewal

I have three children who currently attend Whiteoaks P.S. I have been an active member of the Whiteoaks parent volunteer community for the past five years. Among some of the initiatives and projects that I have been involved in at Whiteoaks are being a parent representative for the Fun Fair, helping in the QSP fundraiser as well as the popcorn fundraiser, helping with the Giving tree, volunteering regularly in the classroom and for events such as the Grade 4 medieval feast and Grade 5 graduation.

I believe that playing an active role in the Whiteoaks school community is beneficial to creating a productive and supportive educational environment for all students.


Voting Members


Heba Attia 

Hello! My name is Heba Attia.  My older daughter is in Grade 4 at Whiteoaks PS, and my younger daughter will be joining the school in a year.

 I strongly believe in the positive effects that the involvement of families and communities has on the learning and school experience of children.  There is a clear positive association between parent involvement and children's social and emotional development as well as their academic achievement.  More so, I believe in the vision of the Peel Board, and more specifically, that of Whiteoaks PS, and I would like to be an active contributing member of the School Council, with the objective of achieving that vision.

Professionally, I am an Ontario certified teacher, with 15 years of teaching experience in the intermediate and secondary mathematics and science classrooms.  I also have a Masters of Education Psychology from the University of London, UK.  I am passionate about our children's education and want to be involved in building strong relationships between parents, staff, and students.  Furthermore, because of my love for mathematics learning, my belief that all children can succeed in math, and the Ministry's current numeracy initiative, I have numerous ideas for meaningful and dynamic parent contributions that will enhance our students' school experiences specifically related to mathematics learning.


Kathy Monck

Hi, My name is Kathy Monck. I have two daughters in grades 2 and 3 in both the English and French streams at Whiteoaks. I have attended Parent Council meetings for the last 3 years and would now like the opportunity to be part of the School Council. As a full time parent, I find it difficult to volunteer during the day for school activities but I still want to be an active parent of the Whiteoaks community.  I believe that being part of the School Council is a great way to contribute to the school and be one of the voices for parents of the school.  I've had the opportunity to help as a Class Parent for the Fun Fair and have joined the school's Healthy School Community.  We have a wonderful school community and am proud to be part of it! Thank you for considering my nomination."


Atti Morra

While some of you may know me through my involvement in many different fundraising efforts, please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Atti Morra, I am a proud mother of Sienna in Grade 5.

For the past 5 years at Whiteoaks, I have been actively involved in some of the following areas.   Team member of the Fun Fair, Classroom reading buddy, Kernels popcorn fundraising, school plays and many other "as needed" volunteer roles.  Most recently I have chaired the QSP Magazine fundraising campaign for the last two years.  This has been a significant source of revenue for our school council representing nearly half of funds generated during the school year.

I would be thrilled to be chosen to be a part of the Whiteoaks school council. I feel I am a great team player and I look forward to being a positive role model and contributor to  this year's council.


Jennifer Park

My name is Jennifer Park and I am a mother of 3 children, my eldest child is currently at Whiteoaks in the grade 4 Program.  My family and I enjoy being a part of the Whiteoaks family and believe strongly in contributing both to the school and community. 

I have had the pleasure of volunteering in a variety of capacities over the past several years, including the Fun Fair, QSP, as an in class parent volunteer, Grade 5 Graduation, as well as Chairing the Board of Directors of a local co-operative school where I worked closely with the Ministry of Education in order to open a new school.  I also had the opportunity to join the Whiteoaks Parent Council last year in the winter and although it was a short time on council enjoyed working with the team on many initiatives.  I would like to continue contributing to the Parent Council this year and hope to have the opportunity to do so.  

I have learned and believe that working as a team, together with the staff and the Whiteoaks community we can all collaborate and help enrich all of our children's school experiences.   


Nicole Plaskett

My name is Nicole Plaskett and I have been a parent at White Oaks for 6 years. I have an older child now at Hillcrest, my daughter is in Grade 4 here at Whiteoaks and a son in SK at Clarkson Coop Nursery School.
I sat on Parent Council last year and helped to launch and maintain both the Popcorn Friday's and the Lunchbox Lunches on a Tuesday. I am an active volunteer within the school and the community. I have been on the Executive board of Clarkson Coop for 8 years and have sat on the Board for my local Rate Payers Association for two.
I look forward to working with this year's Parent Council and hope to re-launch Popcorn Friday's and the lunch programs as soon as possible.