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September 2009
Welcome to the new school year!
In advisor classes, teachers assist our grade 8 students transition to high school, and introduce the Character Education Program. This program focuses on a different virtue or character trait each month. The key to our program is to develop our students' character by using a variety of dynamic approaches. We have chosen to use a variety of materials and resources to help enhance the program's appeal, which also enables us to accommodate the variety of learning styles we have within our school. The program is delivered in homeroom advisor/advisee periods, as well as through a variety of other activities, performances and workshops that will take place throughout the year. Our goal is to continue building a community that will enable students to learn and prosper in a safe and caring environment.
We begin our Character Education Program in September by looking at Personal Goals and Perseverance as key character traits. This is a fabulous starting point which gives us the opportunity to help students set personal academic goals for the year, as well as what perseverance means and how it can help them achieve these goals. After that we will focus on a different character trait, or group of traits each month. Below is a list of our monthly themes, which we hope you will keep for reference throughout the year, as well as to use to support the program in your own homes by using these topics to discuss family values and how they apply to your lives on a daily basis.
September: Personal Goals (Perseverance)
October: Responsibility
November: Conflict Resolution (Co-operation)
December: Respect
January: Caring (Relationships)
February: Fairness (Justice & Equity)
March: Citizenship (Community)
April: Integrity (Self - Discipline)
May & June: Leadership (Positive Attitude)