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QE Arts
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QueenElizabethSr_Arts_Logo.jpgRegional Arts program 

Grades 7 to 8 

​Inspiring students to recognize their diverse talents

The elementary regional arts program offers students a unique, comprehensive academic program with opportunities to develop creative talents through an integrated arts model, consisting of dance, drama, music and visual arts. The program also offers many opportunities for students to develop collaborative and creative skills while learning through the arts.

Open to students entering grade 7 in September who live south of Highway 401

The Queen Elizabeth Sr. Public School Arts program is a two year, middle school program which does not require any kind of specialization or training, as students will have opportunities to focus on all four artistic disciplines:


Students develop skills through the elements of dance and the creative process. Students are not required to have extensive backgrounds in dance.


Students develop their creative and technical skills such as stage presence, having creative insight while developing the confidence and dedication it takes to perform and engage with an audience.


Students get the opportunity to discover their passions as musicians while developing skills and techniques on a musical instrument. They explore how to communicate ideas and emotions through elements of music. In addition to showcasing their abilities to use these elements in large ensemble performance, they are also given many opportunities in their core programming to communicate their knowledge using their musical skills. Queen Elizabeth also offers a number of extra-curricular ensembles, as well as options to showcase individual talents in various school settings.


The Visual Arts are a playground where students will learn to experiment, construct, and innovate artworks that communicate meaningful ideas developed around both personal and global issues. While learning complex technical skills to manipulate a variety of media including pen & ink, printmaking, digital photography, and watercolour, students of the Visual Arts will also learn to analyze and discuss classical and contemporary art with confidence.

The program also focuses on incorporating a student's passion for music, drama, dance and visual arts into every aspect of the curriculum. Through the Arts program, subjects like language, math, science, and social studies are often integrated with dance, drama, music and visual arts.


The regional Arts program is one of the Peel District School Board's elementary Regional Learning Choices Programs (RLCP) which empower students by providing an opportunity to develop and explore skills in a particular area of interest.

For more information on elementary Regional Learning Choices Programs and to apply for the regional Arts program, visit