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School Council News
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Join us on May 8th in the School Library for our next meeting.


Trustee Sue Lawton to speak at School Council Meeting on Wednesday February 27th. Child care will be provided. Please join our conversation with your ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

Update: Ms Lawton also suggested a transition meeting with the Valleys School Council members in the spring to help grade five parents interested in the Middle School.  We thanked Ms. Lawton for her $50 donation for prizes to the chocolate fundraiser.

Principal's Report: The Newsletter gives a great overview of events in the school and we encourage parents to access it online.  The Chocolate Sales begin tomorrow – Karen Evans volunteered to get prizes at each grade level and school council approved a bike as a special draw prize.  For School Success initiatives – the teachers are working with a mathematics inquiry and meet with the Early Literature teacher for collecting data and planning strategies.  The Graduation theme for grade 5 is  “Hold Fast to Dreams.”  The principal recommended giving the book DREAM by Susan Bosak to all graduating students at a cost of $10/book.   The Council welcomed this idea and approved the cost. 

School Council budget indicated a balance of $1355.94.   Assemblies and school trips will continue to be supported.

Kindergarten play based learning: Kindergarten students are engaged with literacy and mathematics through integrated play.  The kindergarten network enables teachers to connect and learn from each other.  The Board supports play based learning and uses the Internet to deliver resources and learning for teachers.    

Class Trips, student workshops and assemblies: Some events are free based on initiatives from the Ministry.  Other funding comes from supports like Peel Region or The Lifesaving Society (Swim to Survive).  Teachers continue to plan trips which support the programming at the school. Workshops with artists or scientists show student how specialists in particular field develop their skills and interests.  The kindergarten team is planning two trips again this year.  The grade 1-3 classes are planning a special trip to support their learning for goals of acceptance and caring. They will see the Famous People Players and the Council enjoyed a video with Rick Mercer highlighting this special theatre group.

Education week – April 15 – 26: The Activities for the weeks include an open house, Movement and Music workshops for students, and an old fashioned Potluck for parents.

The family night will include entertainment by the Dufflebag theatre presenting the play Peter Pan.


Special Invitation!

Join us in the Silver Creek School Library on January 16, 2013 at 6pm for our next meeting. We would love your input, ideas and contributions.

See you there!


Nov. 21st meeting update:

·        We have a balance of $317.80.

·        This year's requests so far – $600 for Blue Spruce books

·        We have a Turkey Raffle and the Seasonal Raffle – volunteers needed for decorating and wrapping prizes  

·        Progress report card and interviews were successfully completed

·        Small group OFIP tutoring application has been approved by the superintendent

·        We will have several presentations for bullying prevention and encouraging positive behaviour this school year


Presentation by Renu Arora from Nutrition Services on Eating Healthy Foods:

Notes: Our parents listened to a presentation about healthy heating in families.  Renu Arora focused on encouraging students to try a variety a foods.  She encouraged a balance of protein and carbohydrates with vegetables, milk, fruit, meat, (or meat substitutes), and foods with whole grains.  Children should not be forced to eat certain foods, but parents can use a variety of strategies to discourage fast foods.  The school lunches should have a variety of snacks so that even for the last recess snack,  students will maintain their energy level at school.

The principal reviewed some of the programs at school to encourage healthy eating. They include a bowl of apples available for students without snacks to access during recess and lunch times and an apple served with each pizza order on Pizza Days.


The first School Council meeting of the 2012/13 school year was held on October 10th, 2012.

On the agenda was ways to support our Silver Creek students and ways to provide a community perspective for their families.

Oct. 10th meeting update:

  • Karen Evans will act as School Council Chair
  • Potential repeat workshop - Internet Usage: A parent information session about Internet safety and appropriate sites for children to use
  • Funds raised by the School Council will be used towards class trips, special assemblies, and enhancing the school's technology 
  • December Fundraiser - Please contact the school if you are interested in donating anything for the draws
  • Seasonal Kindergarten Concert - Will be held during the day (dates and times are still to be decided) TBA
  • Primary/Junior seasonal concert - may be separate this year to accommodate the large amount of visitors attending - TBA

We encourage more parents to join our council. Please contact the school to find out how.

Here are the future meeting dates:

  1. Wednesday November 21, 2012 at  6:00pm
  2. Wednesday January 16, 2013 at 6:00pm
  3. Wednesday February 27, 2013 at 6:00pm
  4. Wednesday May 8, 2013 at 6:00pm

Hope to see you at our next meeting.​