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Your involvement makes a difference

The more involved you are in your children's learning, the more successful they will be in school. But your involvement also enhances your family life. There are many ways you can be involved. For example,

  • talk to your children every day about learning and what they are doing in school
  • read with your children every day and let them see you reading for fun
  • help your children with homework by making sure they have the time each day to complete it
  • show your child that you value education and enjoy visiting the school
  • get to know your child's principal and teachers
  • meet your child's friends and get to know other parents
  • share your time and talents by volunteering

Volunteering is one way to help support our school and all of our students. Not all volunteer tasks need to be done at the school, or even during the day. Many volunteers complete tasks at home. No matter how much or how little time you have available, your help is appreciated.

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