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Keep your child’s eyes healthy

Keep your child’s eyes healthy

​Click on Full STory to view recommendations from the Region of Peel to help keep your child's eyes healthy. 

Did you know that vision problems in children often go unnoticed because kids don't know any different? As many as 10 per cent of preschoolers will have vision difficulties that can affect the development of their sight if not treated. However, if caught by the age of 5, treatment will be most effective.

The Region of Peel recommends regular eye exams for your child to help find eye problems early and get the right treatment.

The best way to ensure good eye health is to have your child's eyes checked by an optometrist. Yearly eye exams for children 19 and under are covered by OHIP.

What to expect at your child's eye exam

​An optometrist will complete:

  • General vision testing in both eyes.
  • Eye muscle testing.
  • Eye coordination testing.
  • A general health assessment of the front and back of the eyes.

If needed, the optometrist will write a prescription for glasses for your child.

For information on overall vision health, common signs of a possible eye problem and the programs available to you within Peel, visit