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About Us
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Our Mission

Our mission describes our school's purpose. Our vision depicts our desired future. The principles needed to achieve our mission and vision are articulated in our values. Finally, the actions we need to demonstrate to make our mission, vision and values a reality are described in our collective commitments.

We have developed these statements in collaboration with our staff, students and families. They are part of our School Success Plan.


Preparing for lifelong learning: striving for excellence.


Supportive caring environment that fosters learning and nurtures success. Committed to helping students achieve success / lifelong learning Effective practice that leads to achievement of individual and school-wide goals.


  • Caring - providing a nurturing environment that values different abilities, interests, talents and contributions
  • Flexibility - adapting to the needs and differences of a new, growing community
  • Collaboration - combining efforts to facilitate student success

Collective Commitments

Staff Commitments

  • To provide our students with flexible and differentiated programs structured to individual and group learning styles and needs.
  • To collaborate and share resources and expertise in support of student success.
  • The modeling of learning and social behaviours we expect from students, staff and the community.
  • Strengthening the partnership between school and the community.
  • Lifelong learning.

Student Commitments

  • To participate in student leadership opportunities such as Red Willow Helping Hands and PALS.
  • To set academic goals for themselves.
  • To be familiar with and independently adhere to school procedures and behaviour expectations.

Parent Commitments

  • To participate in school council meetings.
  • To volunteer in the school to support student learning and school programs.
  • To attend curriculum information sessions.