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About Us
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Our Mission

Our mission describes our school's purpose. Our vision depicts our desired future. The principles needed to achieve our mission and vision are articulated in our values. Finally, the actions we need to demonstrate to make our mission, vision and values a reality are described in our collective commitments.

We have developed these statements in collaboration with our staff, students and families. They are part of our School Success Plan.


Alton Public School nurtures the whole child with high expectations, that all of our students will be successful, happy, participating citizens of the 21st century. .


The Tradition Continues: Together we are Making Tomorrow. We see our students as active participating citizens of their community and environment. With parents, grandparents, guardians and friends, the Alton staff supports the daily progress and engaged learning of all of our students.


  • respect and responsibility for every individual in our school environment
  • diversity and equity within our school and community
  • high, realistic academic expectations that encourage the school community to reach its full potential
  • teamwork between staff, students and community

Collective Commitments

Staff Commitments

  • provide a student-centred, engaging, curriculum-directed program which meets the individual needs and interests of all students
  • model a positive attitude, respect for self, community and the environment and; give feedback to help students to achieve personal learning goals
  • model and expect the 4 Agreements: Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, Appreciation/No Put Downs and the Right to Pass/Right to Participate
  • model and encourage use of reflection, discussion and problem solving throughout each day
  • maintain a high level of professional development and work together on the Teaching and Learning Critical Pathway

Student Commitments

  • follow the 3 R's: Respect yourself, Respect others, Respect the school environment
  • learn and implement anti- bullying strategies through the use of 4 Agreements:
  • take responsibility for own learning through use of reflection on successes, next steps and Brain Gym
  • identify personal learning goals; through feedback from teachers, parents and peers apply problem solving strategies to achieve goals
  • actively participate in classroom, school and school community learning programs and related activities

Parent Commitments

  • participate in school functions, information sessions, and School Council to enhance communication between parents and school;
  • work with staff in partnership to reach common goals and promote student learning; commit to using email to reduce paper going home
  • check planners daily after school, initial and ensure that homework is completed regularly as assigned
  • encourage our children to do the best they can do and enhance their self-esteem
  • communicate our questions and concerns to teachers through student planners, e-mail, telephone calls or in person