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BYOD-Bring Your Own Device

Today's students are leaders in the use of technology. They want to take the technology they use in their daily lives and also make it a normal part of their classroom experience. To date, all the research indicates that by reflecting this in their learning experiences, we will improve student success.

This is why the Peel District School Board’s Vision for 21st Century Teaching & Learning, which trustees approved in March 2012, is so exciting. The board’s $7 million investment in technology for all Peel students will ensure our schools are increasingly connected and relevant in the 21st Century.

An important part of the board’s 21st Century Teaching & Learning initiative is the board’s adoption of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model. BYOD is a technology model where students bring their personally owned devices to school for educational purposes.

It’s important for you to know that students are not required to BYOD. Instead, we invite you to send your child to school with a personal device. Devices and other technology are available for student to use at school.

Digital citizenship

We embrace the use of personal devices in a respectful and responsible manner, in keeping with school codes of conduct and the Peel board’s Digital Citizenship Policy #78. You can find the policy here: The Code of Conduct, found later in this agenda, and academic integrity apply to the use of technology whether students are accessing information from school or home.

Lost, damaged or stolen devices

We know, as parents, you’re concerned about your child keeping his/her device safe. In a BYOD environment, smartphones, tablets and netbooks are out in the open and used more often so students are more aware of their devices. Typically, fewer thefts and lost devices are reported. This being said, ultimately, students are responsible for lost, stolen and/or damaged personal electronic devices as they are for any other personal items they bring to school.

If you plan to send your child to school with a device, please consider purchasing a protective case, etc. Also, some devices have a built-in locator. We recommend that you enable this feature, if possible. Schools will also have a plan to help students keep their devices secured.


Technology alone will not improve learning. Combined with the right instruction and used responsibly, technology in the classroom has the power to make a real difference to prepare students for a successful future. Watch the Peel board’s Why BYOD? video on YouTube to learn more: