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Munch a Lunch
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Welcome to our Online Ordering

and Payment System!


Our ordering and payment system has gone GREEN!


Instead of filling out paper order forms, parents can enter


their child’s lunch orders online using!


Online order payment can only be made by credit card.


Family payments can be combined.

First Time Users:  Click the ‘“Register Here” button (shown below).  The system will guide you through the registration process.
Returning Users:  Click the “Login Here” button to access your account.













Munch-A-Lunch FAQs:


Q:  Can I change my order after I've submitted it online?

A:    You can change your order as long as the ordering deadline, which is noted in the beginning of the session, has not passed and you haven't yet paid for your order.


Q:    What if I forget to pay before the ordering deadline?

A:    A payment reminder will be emailed, to the email address on your account, prior to the ordering session closing.  Your child’s order will be on hold until payment is received.  Orders not paid for by the ordering deadline will be cancelled.


Q:     What happens if I miss the deadline for ordering lunch online?

A:    We provide families approximately 2 weeks per order session.  Once the ordering deadline has passed, ordering will be closed.


Q:     How do I order for more than one child?

A:    Once you have created the order for your first child, select "choose another child" and you will be taken back to the beginning of the order system.


Q:     Do I pay separately or can I combine the payments for my children?

A:    You place separate orders for each of your children but the 'payment due' is presented as a combined total.


Q:     Can I get a print-out of my order?

A:    Munch-A-Lunch will provide you with a PDF of your receipt which includes all of your order details.  You can also login to your account anytime and re-print your receipt.


Q:     How do I keep track of what I ordered for my kids?

A:    In addition to being able to re-print your order (as described above) you will receive an automated email lunch-reminder, the day before each lunch day, which lists your child's name and specific food items ordered.


Q:     Is my information that I enter into Munch-A-Lunch secure?

A:     Yes.  The Munch-A-Lunch software system and database resides on a secured (SSL) encrypted webserver - the same security that large corporations and banks use to store data.


Q:     How do I order if I don't have internet access?

A:    Perhaps you can access a friend's computer for 5 minutes to place your order, or have your child pick up a Manual Order Form from the office.  Payment must be in cash for the exact amount of the order.  Change will not be issued.  Manual Order forms and payment must be received by the office before the order deadline.