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Kiss and Ride
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On any given school day, as many as 200-300 students are dropped off at Royal Orchard.  On rainy days and during the winter months, traffic congestion increases, making it difficult to navigate safely in and around the parking lot.


We understand that many families need to drive their children to school. Following these simple safety rules will help keep students and staff safe.


· Adhere to the speed limit on the streets surrounding the school and drive slowly and with caution on school property.

· Consider parking off-site and walking to school.

· Follow the directions of staff or volunteers on duty in the school parking lot.

· Yield to pedestrian traffic. Treat staff, students, volunteers, passengers and other drivers with respect.

· Do not park or wait in the Kiss and Ride lane, parking spaces for persons with a disability, bus lanes or fire lanes.

· Keep your car engine running in the Kiss and Ride lane. Pull forward as cars move.

· If you get out of your car, park in a lined parking space or on the street.

· Do not double park, take shortcuts over curbs, block traffic or draw your child out of the car and into traffic.

· Have your child ready to exit the car when you reach the curb. Do not hold up traffic.

· Make sure your children exit through the passenger side of your vehicle

· During regular drop-off times, students are to remain in the car until it is safe for them to exit the car.

· ​Once you have picked up or dropped off your child, leave promptly​