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65 Mount Royal Circle, Brampton, ON L6P2K4
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Principal's Notes
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At Mount Royal we are working together to reach new heights in a safe and caring school defined by excellence in teaching and learning. It has been well documented that the climate of a school says a lot about what the school values.  Here in the Peel District School Board, climate refers to inclusive practices, how we receive and welcome parents and our community partners.  Climate refers to how well students are cared for and how well we honour student voices.  Climate also refers to the respect bestowed upon our staff (teachers, teacher assistants, custodians, office team, early childhood educators and others).  A positive school climate promotes anti-bullying practices,  student leadership and high expectations for student achievement.  School climate is central to our effectiveness. 

Mount Royal is a happy, welcoming school.  It is a diverse place that prides itself on celebrating the strong representation of the rich cultural heritage of the Sikh and Hindu communities.  That said, it is also our practice to recognize all other Asian groups those of the African diaspora and more. Mount Royal is committed to inclusive practices that ensure children with special needs are supported and celebrated for who they are. Diversity is our strength and our call to action.  We recognize that our differences are windows of opportunity to learn more about who we are and how we can cooperate better to make Canada a safe home for all of us.

Our mascot is the Mustang.  Mustangs are horses that are said to be strong, wild and free.  Our mission to create a safe place that provides a pathway for  life-long learners who are free to live out their wildest dreams while making a difference for themselves and others.  That is the arc that motivates us to work in partnership with all stakeholders to strive to be at our best.

Ms. Dey