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Volunteer job board

Volunteer jobs will be posted here as needed.


Ways to be involved:

  • preparation of arts and crafts supplies and other classroom materials, e.g. laminating, photocopying 
  • baking for bake sales
  • classroom reading buddies
  • membership on school council or attendance at school council meetings
  • fundraising
  • coordination of hot lunch or pizza days
  • field trip supervision
  • concert/special event assistance, e.g. refreshment distribution at Terry Fox fundraiser
  • welcoming new families, providing help with translation/interpretation
  • helping with the school's environmental program, e.g. garden planting or recycling
  • kiss 'n' ride assistance
  • concert/special event assistance
  • speaking to students on Career Day
  • run a club (share a special skill with students)
  • coach a team
  • help in the Library or with Book Fair
  • organize the Lost and Found
  • concerts/music department involvement
  • graduation planning
  • suggest a way to be involved!