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School Council
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Principal Report - Sept 2020.pdf 

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January 7, 2020

Dear School Principals:

I would like to wish you and your entire administration and staff a Happy New Year – I hope 2020 will be another successful year, especially for your students.

Over the years, many parents and principals in Wards of 3 and 4 have approached me, concerned about vehicles speeding through their neighbourhoods, risking pedestrian safety and compromising their sense of security.

I want to tell you that I’ve heard you and have taken steps to address these problems.

Now that Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation has confirmed they will be providing municipalities the ability to adopt new and enhanced tools to promote safety in school and community safety zones – the City of Brampton will be taking advantage of this.

That means the City has the authority to implement photo radar cameras to register drivers’ speed and licence plates and trigger speeding tickets by mail.

Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) is an automated system that uses a camera and a speed measurement device to help reduce speed in identified areas (school zones and community safety zones across Ontario). ASE captures and records images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted limit.

Studies prove that photo radar has a significant effect on vehicle speeds and is an effective method to encourage drivers to slow down and be aware of their surroundings, vulnerable pedestrians and consider other safety issues.

Last month, I introduced a motion to Council, requesting the implementation of photo radar in our school zones and it was accepted unanimously. In the coming weeks, I will be meeting with our City staff to discuss location recommendations and review an implementation plan.

I am really excited about this and am hoping to continue working with you in the New Year to ensure our communities are safer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to continuing to work with you in the New Year.


Jeff Bowman

Photo Radar-sign.jpg 

Photo Radar-group.jpg 


School Council

Principal’s Report

Monday, February 3, 2020

Key Messages

  • Staffing Projected at 863 currently at 887 
  • Keeping Together and Staying Together through Sanctioned Work


  • Winter Activities –  Postponed until further notice pending outcome of sanctioned work
        • Gr. 5-8 – Skiing  Trips to Hockley Valley
        • Jan 16 Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 20 -postponed
        • Raptors 905 Jan 29th cancelled

  • Gr 3 Crawford Lake trip Postponed (sanctioned work)
  • Gr 1 Peel Safety Village Postponed (sanctioned work)
  • Mindfulness Evening – Targeting Education Week night with a Theme of “Building Resiliency in Our Children and maintaining Wellness” Pending Outcome of Sanctioned Work
  • Black History: Feb. 1st - 28th

We Rise Initiatives Recognized in homerooms and supported through our Learning Commons

  • Lockdown Fire Drill practice drill completed for Fall and Winter – 1 more date in the Spring
  • Grad Photos – March 23
  • Family EQAO night – March 26 th 6PM Tentatively scheduled – Pending outcome of Sanctioned Work

Extra Curriculars

Floor Hockey at Nutrition Breaks – postponed (sanctioned work)

Fit Club at Nutrition Breaks – postponed (sanctioned work)

Info Items

-Social skills development group commencing February lasting for 20 weeks




School Council Agenda

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

  1. Welcome 


5 minutes

  1. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting


5 minutes

  1. Financial Update


5 minutes

  1. Principal Update


  1. minutes
  1. Family Fun Fair Date Decision


10 minutes

  1. Automated Speed Enforcement

Letter from Councillor Bowman


  1. minutes

7 Adjournment


5 minutes

Next Meeting: April 6th, 2020

To Whom It May Concern:


We are writing to update parents of the process surrounding Friday treat day initiatives. In an earlier notice we communicated that the school will be going cashless for Friday Treat days in the New Year. Friday treat days will now be once a month from Jan - Jun 2020 and will include treats from Krispy Kreme, Terra Cotta Cookies and Kernels popcorn. If you are interested in purchasing a treat for your child for treat day, please visit Cash Online by Wednesday January 15th to make your purchase. Notice that 3 month intervals will be purchased at any one time and that the cost for the use of Cash Online has already been added into the total cost of the treats.


Please see a list of Monthly Treats below with pricing to support your decision making using Cash On line purchasing:


Friday January 24 -

  • 2 individually wrapped Terra Cotta cookies with chocolate milk $3.75

Friday February 21 -

  • Krispy Kreme $1.25 per donut.

Friday March 13 -

  • Kernel popcorn $1.50 per bag

Friday April 10 -

  • 2 individually wrapped Terra Cotta cookies with chocolate milk $3.75

Friday May 8 -

  • Krispy Kreme $1.25 per donut

Friday June 5 -

  • Individually wrapped Terra Cotta Ice cream sandwich $2


*Please note the deadline for ordering for January-March is Jan 15, 2020.


Our Friday treat day is one of the ways Parent Council is raising money. With your continued support by purchasing from our treat day fundraiser, as a community, we are putting the funds into the school to enhance our children's learning experiences. Currently the funds raised go towards the replenishment of technology resources and the creation of an outdoor natural play scape for our primary students.



Yours Truly,

Eldorado Parent Council

School Council Meeting Notes 

Monday, November 3, 2019

7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. 

  • Welcome and Introductions – Brad Teeter  


  • Financial Update – Treasurer 
  • Budget Balance to date: $2,3071.47
  • Outstanding Commitments: Purchase and Install of a Buddy Bench, Spring 19
  • Funds Commitments 2019:
    • 50% proceeds to Technology
    • 40% proceeds to Natural Playscape
    • 10% reserved for Teacher requests
  • Natural Playscape update – five-year plan  
    • Year 1/5 – umbrellas 
    • Year 2/5 – landscaping  
    • Year 3-5 – playscape 
    • About 100K total, roughly 20K/year

  • Principal’s Report – Brad  

3.1 Key Messages: 

  • Progress Reports – November 14 & 15
    • Student-lead conferences, children empowered to walk parents through work 
    • Feb another parent teacher conference 
  • PALS program up and running students have been trained working in partnership with Peel Region and our BTA
  • Keeping Together – Staying Together 

3.2 Events:

  • Eldorado Excellence Assemblies Responsibility Nov 30
  • Ski Trip offered over 4 days:
    • Jan 16 and 30
    • Feb 6 and 20
  • Grade 7 trip TBA, First week of June 
  • Grade 8 trip – Ottawa June 
  • Safety Protocols: Bus Evacuation Today, Lockdown Completed for the Fall, Fire Drills Completed for the Fall
  • Remembrance Day Assembly: Monday Nov 11, 8:40AM 
  • Winter/Holiday Concert: Dec 12 

3.3 Extra-Curricular:

  • School Teams: Boys and Girls Flag Football, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Volleyball
  • Intramural Basketball
  • Latin Eagles Dance Team
  • Student Parliament
  • Counting On You –School Numeracy support program - Mrs. Peseski
  • Intramurals: currently Basketball is offered

3.4 Information Items:

  • Graduation and Transitions (Jean Augustine)
    • Parent Info Night Nov 6, 6-8PM
  • Peel Police Presentations
    • Gr 4 Personal Safety/Internet Safety 
    • Gr 6 Internet Safety/RAID Drug Awareness 
    • Gr 8 Internet Safety/Social Media 

  1. Fundraising:  
  • $1,927.27 Terry Fox Run
  • $3,090.21 Family Fun Fair 

  • Family Fun Fair Event – Brad   
  • Discussion on timelines for 2020 – fall or summer 
    • Voting at next Parent Teacher Council Meeting – Feb 3  
    • Considerations: lead times for volunteers, weather, report cards/end of year deadlines 
  • Discussion on vendor contract, equipment and staff     
  • Call out for additional volunteers – required to move things along, organized

  • Parent Council Sponsored Food Events – Rebecca 
  • Pizza Day
    • Call for volunteers to distribute pizza 
    • Ideal to have 3-4 volunteers to rotate weekly 
    • Time requirement: 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Tuesdays 
  • Treat Days – 2020 
    • Move to monthly Treat Day in 2020
    • Shift due to lower sales    
    • Now cashless 
    • Consider higher-value, self-contained snacks 
    • Other considerations: healthy snacks, lower environmental footprint/packaging  
    • Looking for ideas/partnerships  

  • EQAO Results – Karen 
  • September 2019 results testing grades 3 and 6 (May 2019) 
  • Information, results (with school, board, provincial results) sent home early November 
  • Eldorado above board and provincial averages
  • Math, reading and writing results + demographics, language, attitudes, perceptions 
  • Itemized 37-page report available at, request more information 
  • Insights are built into learning plans, how to best support students 
  • Positioning EQAO, promoting supports vs performance/anxiety lens (Dr. Stuart Shanker, Self-Regulation Institute)    

  • Adjournment 
  • Additional items:
    • Pizza Friday – Is this sustainable?  
    • Kindergarten lunch – Is there an option to open school lunch program to this group?  

  • Upcoming Parent Council dates for 2019-20
  • February 3 – Vote on Family Fun Fair date (June 2020 or September 2020) 
  • April 6
  • May 4 (Family Fun Fair Planning Meeting)​

​Principal's Report

Sept 9, 2019

Key Messages

  • Reorganization Sept 24th, 2019 Projected: 866 As of Sept 6: 879
  • Sound System updated in the gym – Thanks to Parent Council for their financial support


  • Terry Fox Walk – Sept 27/Kickoff Assembly next week.
  • Open House/Family Fun Fair – Sept 26
  • Eldorado Excellence Assemblies – last Thursday of the month
  • Pizza and Pita Pit days - begin in Oct
  • Picture Day – Oct 4, Retakes Nov 1
  • Safety Protocols: Bus Evacuation, Lockdown, Fire Drills

Extra Curricular

  • Student Parliament
  • Boys and Girls Cross Country
  • Boys and Girls Flag Football
  • Senior Volleyball – November
  • Junior Volleyball - December
  • Choirs – Fall start up
  • Band – Fall start up
  • Christmas Concert – Dec 12th
  • Counting On You – Oct start up
  • Student Leadership/Ambassadors Program - Oct

Information Items

  • STAC program in year 2
  • Modernized Learning Commons
  • Indigenous Learning Initiatives
  • Restorative Practices supported
  • Dr. Shanker's Self Reg work supported
  • Mr. Sub will replace hot lunches on Mondays


Suggested Council Dates for 2019-20


September 9

November 4

February 3

April 6

May 4th Family Fun Fair Planning Meeting








Wondering where the funds we raise go? 

All profits will go back into the school to support technology and a natural playscape for our Kindergarden yard.​​





School Council Meeting Minutes November 5, 2018

School Council Meeting November 5, 2018

Voting Members

Amanda Brennan

Vini Varu

Baljit Gill

Roopi Girn

Amit Suri

Shami Lachhar

Shelly Krishnan

Naureen Khan

Rebecca Erkelens

Supporting Members

Tajinder Dhadwar

Rihab Ayoub

Parveen Chahal


Brad Teeter

Julie Orazem

Samira Merchant-Haider

Divjot Khurana

Melanie Choukour

Principal’s Report

Key Messages

  • Progress Reports –Student Led Conferences November 15 & 16

  • Parent Communication – Each Grade Team has chosen 1 method of Social Media to communicate on i.e: Twitter, See Saw & Google Classroom

  • PALS program up and running students have been trained working in partnership with Peel Region and our BTA


  • Eldorado Excellence Assemblies Responsibility Nov 30th

  • New Ski Trip offered over 4 days this year:

    • Jan 22nd and 29th

    • Feb 5th and 12th

  • Grade 7 trip Camp Muskoka Information Night: TBA, Trip Date: First week of June

  • Grade 8 trip – Ottawa June

  • Safety Protocols: Bus Evacuation Oct 30th, Lockdown Oct 24th, Fire Drills Oct 24th

  • Remembrance Day Assembly 9AM Friday

  • Holiday Concerts :

    • Dec. 18th- Winter Concert 6:30PM


  • Boys and Girls Flag Football, Boys and Girls Cross Country

  • New Latin Eagles Dance Team

  • Student Parliament

  • Counting On You – After School Numeracy support program - Mrs. Peseski

  • Sports:  Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys/Girls Soccer, Gr2/3 Soccer team this year

  • Intramurals: currently Basketball is being offered

  • Oragami Club Day 2 after first NB

Information Items

  • Graduation and Transitions (Jean Augustine)

    • Parent Info Night Nov 2nd

  • Peel Police Presentations

    • Gr 4 Safe On Line Surfing

    • Gr 6 RAID Drug Awareness

    • Gr 8 Healthy Relationships

  • New M.A.D club this year Making A Difference

    • Attended a poverty workshop in Oct

    • Currently running a Food Drive

  • Raised:

    • $1477 Terry Fox Run

Mrs. Orazem informed the council of a Student Census that the school board has organized.

- Grades 1 to 3 will have it sent home to be completed by parents and returned before November 30.

- Grades 4 to 8 will complete it at school

- This census is voluntary, parents can decide whether or not they want their children to participate.

Council discussed a Terra Cotta Cookie Sale to be held before the Winter Break.

Mrs. Khurana and Mrs. Choukour told the council about the breakfast program they are running and requested that council partial fund their initiative. Council decided to to give the Breakfast Club $1000 for the year.

This years funds will be allocated as follows:

- 50% of funds will be put towards Technology

- $20,000 towards Kindergarten outdoor space

- $1000 towards the Breakfast club

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.



School Council Meeting Minutes Oct. 1, 2018

Welcome and Introductions

  • Mr. Teeter welcomed parents attending the meeting to the new 2018/2019 school year
  • Discussed roles and responsibilities of School Council Members
  • Funds that are raised will be put back into the school 

     Financial Update

    Funds were allocated as follows:
  • Purchase of classroom fans
  • Funds allocated towards new technology- purchase new chrome books for the school
  • Funds allocated towards purchasing and installing a new sound system for the GYM
  • Funds will be allocated to purchase and install shade umbrellas for the kindergarten classes
  • Funds were used to install 2 watering stations at the school

PTA council was established for the 2018/2019

11 voting members

  1. Vini Varu
  2. Roopi Girn 
  3. Baljit Gill
  4. Amanda Brennan
  5. Shami Lachhar 
  6. Amit Suri
  7. Kapilerswar Swain
  8. Shelly Krishnan
  9. Rebecca Erkelens 
  10. Naureen Khan
  11. Nashina Visram

    Supporting members 
  1. Tracy Sharma
  2. Parveen Chahal
  3. Hussein Bawa
  4. Rosha Abdelaal 
  5. Tajinder Dhadwar  
  • Principal - Brad Teeter
  • Vice Principals - Julie Orazem / Halyna Dytyniak 
  • Co-chairs - Rebecca, Naureen Khan
  • Co Treasurers - Amit Suri and Shami Lachhar
  • Secretary - Nashina Visram
  • Teacher - Samira Merchant Haider

    Principal's Report
  • New Staff members joined to school
  • Had 1 class reorganized  
  • 917 children enrolled for 2018/2019 to date
  • Erosion Issues in the portable areas - new drainage was installed and new grass seeds put down
  • 2 Watering stations were installed over the summer and are a great hit with the kids
  • Industrial fans bought for the classes
  • School Council to consider alternative solutions for hot weather days
  • Sportletics being offered after school on Mon / Fri - Karate and Zumba for grades 1 to 5
  • This was the first year we ran the summer program in July with 180 kids registered for the program - huge success and will offer again next year
  • Student Parliament will be up and running soon
  • Christmas Concert is scheduled for Dec 18
  • Numeracy enhancement after school program is in progress
  • Excellence Assemblies will be held on the last Thursday of every month except Oct 26, 2018
  • Picture Day is Oct 28, 2018
  • Stack room is up and running by Brad Murray - purpose is for grades 5 - 8 for Science and Tech
  • Parent Interviews is schedule for Nov 15/16 - code will be sent home to register online
  • All grades can now use the playground (1,3,5,7 will out on playground first followed by 2,4,6,8)

Fund Raising Goals

Ideas that were suggested:

  • AC alternatives for classrooms (portable AC)
  • Playscape for kindergarten
  • Additional tech for school
  • Manipulatives for numeracy
  • Additional water stations

Fund Raising Ideas

  • Friday Treat days
  • Discussion about the $2 treats for kids
  • Continue with $2 treats for month of October and revert to $1 thereafter for Nov
  • Movie night - Nov 29

Council Meeting Dates

  • Nov 5, 2018
  • Feb 4, 2019
  • March 4, 2019
  • May 6, 2019 - Family Fun Fair Planning


Meeting Minutes February 26, 2018

MEETING SUBJECT:  School Parent Council Meeting #2
DISTRIBUTION:         School Council Members & Staff 

Meeting Chair(s):

Rebecca Erkelens (M)

Naureen Khan (M)



Brad Teeter

Halyna Dytyniak

Julie Orazem

Klara Redford


Ravi Virdi(M)

Kristine Malik(M)

Vini Varu(M)

Baljit Gill(M)


M – Member      S – Support


Parveen Chahal(S)

Nashina Visram(M)

Rupinder Gin((M)

Rihab Ayoub(M)






  • Welcome
2Review and Approval of Minutes from January 29, 2018
  • All members in agreement to approve
3Principal's Report


Key Messages

  • Kindergarten Registration – 57 students – projected at 86



  • Winter Activities –
    • Gr. 5-8 – Skiing & Tubing Trip Wednesday
    • Olympics
  • FDK Syrup Bush Friday
  • MADD Mobile Education Gr 5's Wednesday/Thursday
  • Mindfulness Evening - Thursday
  • Black History Presentation DO Gibson, Trustee MacDonald, Spotlight at CBO
  • Lockdown Drill practice drill completed
  • Grad Photos – March 23
  • Family EQAO night – March 22
  • Staff vs. Police Floor Hockey game Spring
  • Gr 3 Dictionaries Rotary Club donation – Mar 2



  • NPHEA tournament at Eldorado – Basketball – Girls and Boys
  • Intramurals continue


Information Items


  • Trustee Campaign for more bus drivers – Julie
  • BTA hire process



Vice-Principal's, Halyna Dytyniak, Report


Mindful Awareness Night, Wednesday February 28th, 2018

The goal is to promote healthy body, healthy mind.

This is an opportunity for parents to come with their children and support their learning. We believe it is very important for children (students) to see parents involved at their school.

  • Zumba, Yoga, Smoothie taste test, Chess, Forest/Nature, Bucket Drumming
  • Information about Anxiety and Raffle draw door prizes for attending students


Vice-Principal's, Julie Orazem, Report


As many of you already know, school communities have experienced ongoing bus delays for over a year due to shortage of qualified bus drivers.


Trustees have launched a lobbying campaign to seek provincial funding for bus driver recruitment and to assist the board in exploring alternate transportation options. Families, staff and community members are welcome to take part in the campaign by reaching out to their provincial parliament.


By visiting, you will find information and resources for families including template letters to MPPs and fa fact sheet. Since this lobbying campaign is political in nature, communication must be directly with parents and not through students.


These bus delays are direct result of a shortage of qualified school bus drivers among school bus providers in the GTA. There is currently a shortfall of 70 school bus drivers in our region. This means that there are about 1500 students from over 50 schools that are faced with bus delays ranging from 20 minutes to over an hour.


Who does this impact?

  1. Students:
    • arriving late to school causes them to miss assessments, assignments and valuable instructional time
    • At the end of the day, long wait times are causing students to miss extra-curricular activities taking place outside of school
  2. This impact parents because they are missing work to accommodate for the inconsistent or non-existent transportation. Some parents are so impacted that they need to pay for cabs out-of-pocket
  3. Schools-staff & admin are having to remain at school well beyond their work day to ensure all students are packed up and arrive home safely


    What is next?
  • The peel board has launched #StopTheDelaysCampaing, which calls on parents and community members to urge the provincial government, through their local MPP to provide additional funding to help with bus drives recruitment and to assist the board in exploring other transportation options for students.


    We are all encouraged to call, email or write to their local MPP. Template letters and emails are available at www.

6Other Business


  • Planning is underway.
  • This is a community event that will take place on June 14 or June 21
  • Naureen and Rebecca will look at food options (i.e. food trucks, ice cream truck,  pizza place)
  • Parents/members will reach out to the local fire department, peel police, city of Brampton, Mathnasium, Canon, Girls scout and others for fundraising
  • Council will arrange for a FunFair meeting to discuss further

7Wrap-up and Adjournment




Next Meeting: Monday, April 30th, 2018 @ 7:00pm;





Meeting Minutes January 29, 2018


MEETING SUBJECT:  School Parent Council Meeting #2
DISTRIBUTION:         School Council Members & Staff 

Meeting Chair(s):

Rebecca Erkelens (M)



Brad Teeter


Ravi Virdi(M)

Kristine Malik(M)

Vini Varu(M)

Parveen Chahal(S)


M – Member      S – Support



  • Welcome
2Review and Approval of Minutes from November 27, 2017
  • All members in agreement to approve
3Principal's Report


Key Messages

  • Staffing for 2017/18 – approximately 939 students
  • Professional Learning for Staff
    • PD Day – Health and Safety, Equity, Mental Health
  • Reporting to Parents – Reports out Feb 10. – no official interview dates
  • Launch "Your Voice Counts" at beginning of March
  • Ongoing field issues



  • Winter Activities –
    • Gr. 5-8 – Skiing & Tubing Trip (Tentative March __)
    • Gr. 1 to 4 – Winter Carnival
  • Black History Presentation – Freeze DNA – Feb. 28
  • Camp Muskoka & Ottawa Trip
  • Student Parliament – Spirit Days
  • X Movement Experience

Extra Curricular

  • ECO Schools -  Waste audit
    • Litterless Lunches
  • Sports Teams
  • Film Festival Entries
  • GSA starting

 Information Items

  • Look See Hear – beginning of March
  • Lockdown Drill - February 15
  • Breakfast Program continues



Other Business

  • FunFair
    • This is a good opportunity for Community Group
    • We will have Preordered food
    • Possible dates: June 14 or 21 rainday
    • We will have inflables, facepaint, mendi

  • Fundraising
    • 12 snack days we made $2,661.47 in profit
    • Pizza days- 11 weeks - $15,667.50 profit

5Wrap-up and Adjournment



Next Meeting: Monday, February 26th, 2018 @ 7:00pm;

Meeting Minutes November 27, 2017

MEETING SUBJECT:  School Parent Council Meeting #3
DISTRIBUTION:         School Council Members & Staff 

Meeting Chair(s):

Naureen Khan (M)

Rebecca Erkelens (M)



Brad Teeter

Julie Orazem

Klara Redford


Rihab Ayoub (M)

Rupinder Grin(M)

Baljit Gill(M)

Ravi Virdi(M)

Nishina Visram(M)


M – Member      S – Support



Tracy Sharma(S)






  • Welcome
  • All members in agreement to approve

Key Messages: Principal's Report

  • Term 1 reports – Go Home Feb 8th


  • Earth Rangers Presentation SK's-6
  • Anti-Bullying week strategies
    • Classes were partnered to work on this year's theme "Don't go there" Gave students at different grade levels an opportunity to get to know each other and talk about Bullying prevention strategies
    • A buddy bench will be installed outside
  • Safety Protocols: Bus Evacuation, Lockdown, Fire Drills Complete for Fall/Winter
  • Holiday Concerts :
    • Dec 14  – Holiday Concert – Eldorado Winds, Singers gr 3-8 and Mrs. McNeils gr 1 class 6:30PM
    • Dec. 21st  -  Holiday Concert – ¾, 6,7,8 Pebbles Choir 1-3 6:30PM
  • Raptors outing – Great Success


  • Volley Ball
  • Intramurals

Information Items

  • Received a $4000 grant to enhance our equipment in the STAC room in support of STEM activities
  • Recently Hosted 25 Chinese Professors from the Jiangsu outstanding Teachers Program
  • Partnership with Cannon Canada – 60 students involved with ECO and tech day at the head office on April 24, 2018
  • School Spirit Wear for Purchase Link:
Next Meeting: Monday, January 29th, 2018 @ 7:00pm


Meeting Minutes October 23, 2017

Meeting Chair(s):

Naureen Khan (M)

Rebecca Erkelens (M)



Brad Teeter

Halyna Dytyniak

Klara Redford




Kristine Malik(M)

Rihab Ayoub (M)

Uzma Ashraf (M)

Rupinder Grin(M)

Hina Syed(M)

Nishina Visram(M)

Baljit Gill(M)

Vini Varu(M)


M – Member      S – Support


Tracy Sharma(S)

Diana Lockett (S)

Parveen Chahal(S)

Entisar Hamour(S)

Narinder Bhachu(S)

Habibulla Massani(S)

Shebeeh Bawa(S)

Karim Masani(S)

Rishm Singh(S)

Adala Pandila(S)

Sudhes ??(S)

    1. Welcome
    2. Review and Approval of Minutes from September 18 - All Members in agreement to approve
    3. Prinicipal's Report

    Key Messages

    • Progress Reports – November 6th & Student Led Conferences November 16 & 17
    • Staff Development – Math PD and 21st Century Learning, Restorative Practices
    • EQAO Results 16/17
    • Parent Communication – Twitter, See Saw & Google Classroom


    • Eldorado Excellence Assemblies Responsibility Oct 27
    • Raptors Game Nov 17th
    • Grade 7 trip Camp Muskoka May 30 – June 1
    • Grade 8 trip – Ottawa June
    • Safety Protocols: Bus Evacuation Oct 30th, Lockdown Oct 24th, Fire Drills Oct 24th
    • Holiday Concerts :
      •  Dec. 14- Winter Concert (gr. 4-8) – 6:30 p.m. Norbury
      •  Dec. 20 – Winter Concert 1:00Pm Tersch
  • Extra-Curricular

    • Karate Kids
    • Student Parliament
    • Counting On You – Mrs. Peseski
    • Leadership Program
    • Sports:  Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys/Girls Soccer, Gr2/3 Soccer team this year
    • Intramurals


    Information Items

    • Graduation and Transitions (Jean Augustine)
      • Parent Info Night Nov 2nd
    • Peel Police Presentations
      • Gr 4 Safe On Line Surfing -  Dec 12th
      • Gr 6 RAID Drug Awareness TBA
      • Gr 8 Healthy Relationships – Dec 12th/14th
    • Feb 22nd Parent workshop – Creating an awareness for signs and symptoms of Anxiety
    • Apr 26th Parent Workshop - Creating an awareness for signs and symptoms of Depression
    • Raised:
      • $200 Disaster Relief Fund
      • 1477 Terry Fox Run
    • Cashless Schools Launch – December

          4. Other Business 


  • Last year's funding went into the playground (Approx. $55K)
  • Pizza Funding goes to the school councils now
  • Funding expected:
    • Pizza $25K
    • Friday Treats $300/week
    • Funfair $5000
  • Funding ideas:
    • 2 Water Filtration Sttations $6K/station (Approx. $12K)
    • Replenish iPads and other machines that are out of warranty (Approx. $15K)


  • Movie Night Nov. 23 6-9pm
  • Picture with Santa on the Christmas Concert night (Dec 14)
  • Mindfulness education for grades 6-8 (tentative)
  • Family bingo night => April (tentative)
  • Funfair – Still in discussion

5. Wrap up and Ajournment - 8:18pm

Next Meeting: Monday, November 27 @ 7:00pm 


    DISTRIBUTION:            School Council Members & Staff 
    (M) – Member      (S) – Support
    Meeting Chair(s):
    Naureen Khan (M)
    Rebecca Erkelens (M)

    Brad Teeter 
    Julie Orazem
    Klara Redford

    Kristine Malik(M)
    Rihab Ayoub (M)
    Uzma Ashraf (M)
    Rupinder Grin(M)
    Hina Syed(M)
    Nishina Visram(M)
    Ravi Virdi(M)
    Baljit Gill(M)
    Vini Varu(M)  
    Tracy Sharma(S)
    Diana Lockett (S)
    Helen Chapman(S)
    Tajinder Dhadwar(S)
    Parveen Chahal(S)

    1 Welcome All members in agreement to approve
    2 Review and Approval of Minutes from Feb 23

    Key Messages 
    A little bit about me – Mr. Teeter, new Principal
    Reorganization Date is Sept 26 
    No Teachers will be leaving
    Split class for 1/2 2/3 3/4 and 4/5 
    Student in total 935 will go up to to 946

    Terry Fox Walk – Sept 27 
    Open House – Sept 28 
    Eldorado Excellence Assemblies – Sept 29
    Pizza and Pita Pit days - begin in Oct 
    Picture Day – Oct 10 
    Safety Protocols: Bus 
    Breakfast program 
    Lockdown/fire-drills/hold-secure drills coming in the Fall

    Karate Kids every Thursday 
    Student Parliament 
    Cross Country 
    2 choirs 
    Counting On You (COY) will begin soon
    Student Leadership Program 

    Information Items
    Exploratory - Julie - exploration for grade 7 and 8 will begin from Sep 18th
    3 Principal’s Report Voting for council
    Rebecca Erkelens and Naureen khan co-chair 
    Treasurer: Kristine Malik 
    Secretary: Rihab Ayoub 
    11 voting members
    5 supporting members

    Inviting speakers for anti-bullying, nutrition, mental health/self-regulation, math night
    Buy fans for classrooms
    Water filtration stations using grant?
    Fun fair return with little involvement from the parents/volunteers
    Buy 12 more Apple TV’s•
    4 Wrap-up and Adjournment


    Next Meeting: Monday, October 23 @ 7:00pm; 



    Our School Council Members for 2017-18


    Co- Chair: Naureen Khan and Rebecca Erkelens


  • Secretary: Rihab Ayoub
  • Treasurer:  Kristine Malik
  • Voting Members:
    • Naureen Khan
    • Rebecca Erkelens
    • Kristine Malik
    • Rihab Ayoub
    • Uzma Ashraf
    • Rupinder Grin
    • Hina Syed
    • Nishina Visram
    • Ravi Virdi
    • Baljit Gill
    • Vini Varu

    Supporting Members:

    • Diana Lockett
    • Tracy Sharam
    • Helen Chapman
    • Tajinder Dhadwar
    • Parveen Chahal


Suggested Council Dates for 2017-18


September 28

October 23

November 27

January 29

February 26

April 30


School Council

Principal's Report

Monday, September 18, 2017

Key Messages

  • Reorganization
  • A little bit about me – Mr. Teeter, new Principal


  • Terry Fox Walk – Sept 27
  • Open House – Sept 28
  • Eldorado Excellence Assemblies
  • Pizza and Pita Pit days - begin in Oct
  • Picture Day – Oct 10
  • Safety Protocols: Bus Evacuation, Lockdown, Fire Drills


Extra Curricular

  • Karate Kids
  • Student Parliament
  • Cross Country
  • 2 choirs
  • Band
  • Counting On You
  • Student Leadership Program

 Information Items

  • Exploratories - Julie

 School Council Agenda

 Monday, September 18, 2017



1.        Welcome and IntroductionsBrad/Naureen/Rebecca

5 minutes


2.        Establishing our Council

  • Membership
  • Positions of Responsibility
  • Ethics & Role


Naureen/Rebecca10 minutes

3.        Principal's Report



Julie: Parent Communication

10 minutes
4.        Establishing Goals for 17/18



20 minutes

5.        Confirm Council Dates for 2017/18


2017/18 Chair



5 minutes


Our School Council Members for 2016-17

    • Co- Chair: Naureen Khan and Rebecca Erkelens
    • Secretary: Sonia Sharma
    • Treasure: Samreen Ghafoor
    • Voting Members:

      Naureen Khan                              Uzma Ashraf
      Rebecca Erkelens                        Samreen Ghafoor
      Noshaba Murtaza                       Simerjeet Sodi
      Helen Chapman                          Shauna Marshall
      Shelly Krishan                              Sonia Sharma

                      Mehar Qureshi


Meeting Minutes November 28, 2016

Meeting Purpose:School Council
Meeting Date: 11/28/2016
Meeting Time: 7:00pm
Meeting Location: Eldorado Public School - Library
Meeting Facilitator:Shannon Lee & Rebecca Erkelens
Attendees:Rebecca ErkelensShannon Lee
Kris MalikDiana Lockett
Suzie WilliamsSimerjeet Sodi
Samira Merchant-HaiderShelly Krishman
Uzma AshrafMeher Quraishi
Narinder BhachuShauna Marshall
Noshaba MurtazaTracey Sharma
 Sonia Sharma
Minutes Issued By: Sonia Sharma
Next MeetingJanuary 30th, 2017


1.    WelcomeRebecca5 mins
2.    Approve minutes of previous meetingAll5 mins
3.    Update on road safety on Wardsville Rd and Financial DrNaureen/ Tajinder5 mins
4.    Confirming dates with council for the events for 2016/17Rebecca10 mins
5.    Principal updateDarren15 mins
6.    Other BusinessAll10 mins
7.    AdjournmentRebecca5 mins


Principal Update

Key Messages

  • Term 1 report cards going out end of January



  • ensure any events you are volunteering for you are aware of and source assistance is needed
  • Me to We: bracelets are being sold for $10 for support of Haiti education
  • Earth Ranger was a huge success
  • Anti bullying guest speaker and strategies underway
  • safety protocols: lockdown and fire drills underway


Holiday Concerts

  • Dec 8 – Winter Fantasy Concert grade 4-8 (7pm)
  • Dec 15 – Holiday Concert – primary grades (6:30pm)




  • Volley Ball – both teams won gold
  • Intramurals
  • Additional clubs: Cross- stitch, arts & crats, numeracy, iMovies and scrabble


Information Items

  • ECO Team: waste audits – goal for ECO schools certification – Silver Level
    • Eldorado is doing a lot to be ECO certified
    • Partnership with Cannon Canada – 60 students involved with ECO and tech day at the head office in March

  • Late arrivals is a growing concern:
    • 150-200 cars per day … most coming between 8:10am-8:20am
    • Letters going home to families
    • Need to educate parents & more walk school days
    • Shannon Lee will be sending an email out to ensure parents are aware of what constitutes as late



PTA update:


  • Dec 8th – holiday concert >> grades 4-8: Santa will be available for pictures
  • Cost will be $2.00 per picture
  • Students will be volunteering with their ipads to send them out to people right away
  • DD class have made Christmas ornaments to sell during the holiday concert
  • Shannon Lee will send a flyer home for the concert to remind parents to bring cash for purchases for purchases at the event

  • Snack sales: brings in ~$200 a week
    • Dec 9th – snack day is popcorn and a note will go out to PTA members to see if anyone can help pop the corn
    • Dec 16th – Hot chocolate – PTA will need help the day of and may need another kettle

  • Movie night: brought in ~$450





Meeting Min. October 24th, 2016

Meeting Opened at 7:03pm

Meeting Closed at 8:10 pm

Members Present:

  • Naureen Khan                                  Shelly Krishnan
  • Rebecca Erkelens                            Tajinder Dhadwar
  • Shauna Marshall                              Kristine Malik
  • Uzma Ashraf                                     Samreen Ghafoor

  • September Meeting Minutes approved by Shauna Marshall and Tajinder Dhadwar.

    Wardsville Rd and Financial Dr Safety Concern:

    Council members showed their concern over safety of students crossing Financial Dr and Wardsville Rd.  Tajinder and Naureen offered to send an email to the City of Brampton Safety Council to investigate possiblity of a Crossing Gurad.

  • Council Funds:

    2015-16 council raised $5,583 from Funfair and $1,078.41 from Friday treats

                  School will raise approximately $25,000 through Pizza day sales.

  • Natural Play ground:

    Parent council agreed to use the raised council money and also any future funds raised by the council to build a natural Playground at Eldorado.

    A Motion was passed to support the Natural Playground by:
  • Naureen Khan
  • Rebecca Erkelens
  • Shawna Marshall
  • Uzma Ashraf
  • Kristine Malik

  • Calendar Events:
    A Calendar was setup with support of Principal Van Hooydonk for the year 2016-17

    Movie night ---------- 25th November 2016(Organized by Rebecca Erkelens and Naureen Khan)

    Mindfulness Night---------- 26th January 2017 (Organized by Diana Lockett)

    Movie Night ------------------23rd February 2017 (organized by Shelly Krishnan)

    Numeracy Night-------------23rd March 2017 (Organized by Eldorado Staff)

    Art Gallery--------------------20th April 2017 (Organized by Uzma Ashraf, Shauna Marshall and Mrs. Haider)

    Garage sale-------------------May 2017 (Organized by Kristine Malik)

    Next meeting on 28th November 2016 at 7:00pm.

Meeting Minutes for September 26, 2016

  • Principals Report completed
    • Approx. 913 students registered for year
    • Discussion on EQAO results
    • Review of Eldorado statistics from 2015/16 year
  • Agreement established on next meeting date
  • Goals of the Council discussed with the following agreement:
    • Support school and the students in achieving their goals
    • Focus on school mathematics initiatives
    • Assist in promoting and building on Mental Health awareness
  • Workshops/Items that the council would like to see happen this year:
    • Math night with Parents (Making Math Fun)
    • Mental Health days for students (Mindfulness training)
    • 21st Century Learning / On-line Awareness – Google Classroom, Twitter awareness, etc.
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